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Deutsche Bank: No support for Donald Trump!

It happened a few weeks ago: the Republican Party elected Donald Trump as their candidate for the US presidential election - a man who has been in the last few monthshas attracted attention through racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech.

And this man is now supposed to become US President - with financial support from Deutsche Bank.

In fact, it is forbidden for foreign companies to finance election campaigns in the US. However, corporations like Deutsche Bank circumvent this ban via the detour of a so-called PAC (Political Action Committee). The fact that Deutsche Bank is interfering in the US election campaign is bad enough. That the group is indirectly part of Donald Trumpseizesis a scandal.

Many corporations distribute their donations evenly: they don't side with any particular party.But the Deutsche Bank donates almost exclusively to Republicans and thus consciously supports Trump's inhumane policies.

IfDonald Trump becoming the next US President will have catastrophic effects - not just in America but across the world. His rhetoric is a slap in the face for women, minorities and people with disabilities. He berates people from Mexico as rapists and calls for an entry ban for Muslims. He thinks climate change is a hoax.

SumOfUs members around the world stand up for a just world and against discrimination - neither of which is to be had with Donald Trump as president. As European SumOfUs members, let's do our part to stop this man!

If tens of thousands of us speak out against the scandalous Trump donations, we can draw the silent support of Deutsche Bank into the public eye - and move the company to end unilateral support for the Republican Party.

Update August 24, 2016: Deutsche Bank donates to Republican candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives through so-called PACs - including those who support Donald Trump's election campaign. To make this connection clearer, we have updated our text accordingly.