How does behavioral psychology treat depression


How can depression be treated?

There are various ways of eliminating the symptoms of depression and preventing relapses into further depressive phases.
Therapies can consist of drugs called antidepressants, psychotherapy, or a combination of both. There are also numerous other therapy options that can be used alternatively or in addition. Nowadays, therapeutic help is also offered on the Internet.

The optimal treatment can be found together with the doctor or therapist. The patient's wishes, existing therapy experience and the severity of the depression are all taken into account.

We present the most common therapies here:

With the drug therapy can through Antidepressants different classes of active ingredients an initial alleviation of the acute symptoms can be achieved. However, due to the sometimes considerable side effects, the benefit and harm must be carefully weighed! It may also be necessary for a longer period of time or in addition to psychotherapy.

Psychotherapeutic treatments try to identify circumstances
who contribute or have contributed to depression. Together with the therapist, methods are developed that enable those affected to
to recognize the triggering circumstances for oneself, to eliminate them or to re-evaluate them and to deal with them better. This can be done individually or in a group.

A psychotherapy requires trust and a lot of time. Therapy places are regularly fully booked in Germany and short-term appointments are difficult to get
to get.
Online therapies can bridge these waiting times. But they can also be used as an alternative or in addition. Nowadays a wide variety of psychotherapies are offered on the Internet. For example, there is the possibility of working in direct contact with a therapist via chat.
Most of the time, the various programs can be run through independently.
Sufferers can therefore complete their therapy from home and whenever they want.

But be careful!
This method is not suitable for successfully treating severe depression. If, in the case of mild depression, it is assumed that the symptoms will subside without treatment, then with the onset of
Therapy still to be waited.

In general: Depression does not go away overnight, even with appropriate treatments!

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