What is the best beach in myanmar

Ngapali Beach - the most beautiful beach in Myanmar?

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Ngapali Beach - Myanmar's tropical dream beach

With Ngapali Beach north of the Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar fulfills the dream of every sun worshiper. Clear water - if not turquoise - fine sand and: few to no tourists! What more do you want? Okay, the hotel prices are sometimes a little higher in the main season, e.g. over Christmas, otherwise you can spend a cheap holiday in Myanmar there: especially dinner is available for a few euros. We introduce you to Ngapali Beach in Myanmar!

The white, fine-grained sandy beach stretches for more than nine kilometers, lined with palm trees - perfect for walking! Despite many hotels, Ngapali Beach is authentic and not very crowded, which is not least due to its impressive spaciousness. A warning: the airport is in the north - the further south you are, the less you will notice the flight signs. In the morning hours the fishing boats bring their catch into the village, local women carry baskets full of tropical fruits on their heads. The beach combines a relaxed sun holiday with the typical Myanmar backdrop in a pleasant way and is perfect for ending a tour holiday.

Location and surroundings of Ngapali beach

Myanmar's dream stand is located in the north of the Irrawaddy Peninsula and is only 20 minutes away from the city of Thandwe. It is nine kilometers long and in some places up to 90 meters wide. This expanse ensures that every holidaymaker can enjoy the unique tranquility and seclusion of the beach, despite the number of hotels now.

In the north and south there are primeval fishing villages, whose life has apparently remained completely untouched by tourism. Here it is possible to experience a luxurious holiday that leaves almost nothing to be desired in a highly authentic atmosphere. The beach used to be the holiday destination of the colonial rulers, who already appreciated the orange-red sunsets and the delicious seafood. While today you tend to meet locals at the northern end of the beach, there are accommodations of all price ranges and quality on the entire beach. Their employees clear the sand of dead corals and rubbish every day, so that this tropical patch of earth actually looks clean and untouched.

Activities at Ngapali Beach

If the beach holiday at Ngapali Beach is the end of a Myanmar tour, the main attraction is of course the beach itself. The trip can be reviewed on comfortable deckchairs, the crystal clear, light blue water invites you to swim and linger. Those who want to escape the deck chair for a few hours will find a number of wonderful activities on Ngapali Beach. A highlight is to set off by bike and explore the area. Most hotels lend bicycles and e-bikes.

A worthwhile excursion goes to Andrew Bay, which is perfect for a small picnic. Local boatmen also bid Book tours for which about 5000 kyat must be paid. Water activities such as snorkeling and diving are mostly offered through the Ngapali Watersport Center and can be booked in any hotel. The equipment is included in the price. The half-day tours usually lead to the offshore islands of Pearl Island or White Sand Island. Such a boat trip is a nice change from everyday beach life.

The conditions of the water are usually sufficient, if not breathtaking. Nevertheless, beautiful underwater worlds and sometimes even sea turtles can be observed. Jungle hikes in the adjacent forest areas or a kayak tour along the coast provide a little more exercise. Those who want to get in touch with the locals are well advised to go on a four-hour fishing trip. A visit to the neighboring fishing villages is also ideal to immerse yourself in the authentic life by the sea.

Beach travel tips

Hotels & overnight at Ngapali Beach

There are mainly expensive luxury resorts and hotels such as Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa or the Aureum Palace Spa & Resort. Rooms are sold from 100 euros and go up to 500 euros in the high season around Christmas. The equipment is luxurious, usually there is one or more pools and an excellent excursion service at the reception.

Our hotel tip: The Pleasant View Resort Hotel has hosted us twice and we really liked it! The breakfast is amazing and included, especially the free-standing bundalows right on the water are great and highly recommended! We even had the same bungalow both times (2017 and 2018 for Christmas) after we had requested it when booking.

Another good choice is the "Residence by Sandoway", which, however, was fully booked both times.

Middle-class hotels include the beautiful Pleasant View Resort and the Thande Beach Hotel. Both are priced around 150 to 300 EUR - many tourists say that would be too expensive. Guest houses and lodges are also available for individual travelers. The Laguna Lodge and the Royal Beach Motel Ngapali should be mentioned here, both of which have a comfortable bed for a little less money. Even if almost all hotels offer tours, it is worth reaching out to the locals. This not only saves a lot of money, but supports a local family at the same time.

Book a hotel on Ngapali Beach

Resort, bungalow or a normal room?

Restaurants and cuisine on Ngapali Beach

The region's cuisine is heavily influenced by the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and India and is generally a bit hotter than in the rest of the country. The many Hotel restaurants offer excellent seating right on the beach and international and local cuisine. But expensive! If you want to eat something more authentic and cheaper, the following tip is recommended:

There are many local small restaurants on the northern section of the beach, especially at sunset it is difficult to get a seat here. It will look like that:

The nightlife on the beach is not very diverse, but in the Green Umbrella cocktails are served right on the water until late at night - just like at the many other small restaurants. Music is frowned upon and everything is very quiet - perfect for listening to the waves.

The menu consists mainly of fish in all varieties, of course. Converted for from 3 EUR you get a complete menu (as of Dec. 2016).

It is also worthwhile to switch to the other side of the hotel street. There are many smaller, local restaurants here that offer freshly caught seafood and are more affordable. However, you don't have a sea view here.

The best travel time for a beach holiday in Myanmar

Climate table Ngapali Beach

When is the best time to visit Ngapali Beach? Ngapali Beach is considered the most beautiful beach in Myanmar for a reason, especially since there are enough hotels here that meet western standards. But what about the weather there, when is the best time to travel there? The time from mid-November to early April is the best time to travel here. Then it is moderately warm and the least humid, it actually hardly rains at all. But then make sure that the rooms in the hotel or resort also have air conditioning, because it will stay quite warm at night. By the way, a cold shower before going to bed definitely helps!

If you want to come here to swim or soak up the sun, you should avoid the European summer - because from May to September it rains almost every day. The monsoon ensures local precipitation here, which always lasts a few hours, then it is beautiful again, but still sunny. Since the rain stirs up the sea and especially the ebb and flow of the tide affects the beach somewhat, it is not quite as beautiful here as e.g. at Christmas, when it's high season here.

How to get to Ngapali Beach and tips on the best time to travel

The airport of is three kilometers north of the beach Thandwe. The best way to get there should be by plane from Yangon, which saves time and the flight is also not that expensive. The airlines Air Mandalay and Air Bagan fly to Thandwe several times a day between September and April. Air KBZ also operates various routes. The bus journey from Yangon / Yangon takes up to 18 hours and is also very strenuous.

Since the rainy season is very long and intense during the European summer months, the best time to travel to Ngapali Beach is between November and March. Here the temperatures drop to 20 to 30 degrees, it is warm and dry. Most hotels are only open between October and April. The Myanmar dream booth fits best at the end of a round trip. 5-8 days can be effortlessly spent here if the primary goal is to take in the highlights of the country while relaxing in the sun.

Tips for trips around Ngapali Beach

The black sand island of Zalat Htone can be reached in about 20 minutes by bike and is a nice place to have a picnic in nature. Another highlight is Elephant’s Camp, a 45-minute walk away. The animals are kept here in a species-appropriate manner and are not locked up for entertainment purposes. There is a small viewpoint near the camp with a good view of Ngapali Beach and its surroundings with a Buddha. You don't need a local guide here, you can do everything on your own.

There are some small enchanted islands in front of the beach. Local boaters, but also hotels offer tours to visit the islands, including snorkels and fins to explore the water world. While you can easily pay up to 60 dollars in the hotel, the locals offer a price between 12 and 15 thousand kyat. The company Oriental Balooning has been offering balloon rides over the Ngapali region for several years. Especially at sunset you can enjoy the dreamlike area in an enchanting light from a bird's eye view.