What makes you happy about yourself

What makes you happy?

Are you happy? So in general and in general? So inside and around you? And if so: how nice! And if so: why? And if not: oh no! And if not: why?

What makes you happy? The things that make you shine The small and the big? The things that feel good. And taste and smell and sound?

And because the new year has just started and people always like to plan something for the new year, I want you to resolve to make yourselves happy in the new year. With the small and big things. And just leave things that don't make you happy. Say goodbye to all the negative stuff that isn't good for you. And that goes for people too. Because if you are happy, so deeply inside and around you, then you will surely find ways and means to make other people happy. And wouldn't the world be a better place then?

What makes me happy

(No guarantee of completeness and without any order)

  • My friends and family
  • You guys for being so crazy reading this blog
  • The smell of fresh coffee
  • The smell of freshly baked cookies
  • The first warm spring days
  • Diving
  • When I wake up before the alarm clock
  • Staring at the water
  • taking photos
  • When I can dig my toes deep in the sand
  • Pina Colada on the beach
  • The wind in the mountains
  • Handwritten
  • Hemingway
  • Hot chocolate
  • marzipan
  • The last warm summer days
  • The sound of rain dripping on a window
  • Laugh
  • Dirty jokes
  • On the first of January, lounging with friends on the sofa in pajamas
  • Road trips
  • Glittering snow and crunching snow
  • Lakes and rivers and seas
  • Hugs
  • A good book
  • Girl films
  • Popcorn in the cinema
  • To think about what else makes me so happy and realize that there is still an incredible amount, but I can't think of anything anymore.