What is an ideal personality

Abstract:A study is presented in which it was examined whether a general ideal image can be found for a student of psychology and what this might look like in terms of content, in which the personalities of the students were recorded and linked to the ideal image thus determined the resulting self-ideal composite congruence was then examined as an influencing variable on academic success, and in which the self-ideal composite congruence was associated with the university admission grades as a predictor of academic success. Study success was recorded through study performance and study satisfaction. Data were collected from a sample of 19 students (16 female, three male). It was found that there was an overarching ideal image that classifies the content-related properties that are associated with compatibility, as well as conscientiousness, as significant, that the test subjects on average ascribed many of the properties that they perceived as characteristic of the ideal psychology student to themselves, and that the correlative relationship between self-ideal composite congruence with the variables study satisfaction and study performance was low.
Citation:Kesseler, C. P. A., Troche, S., & Zupanic, M. (2016). For the consistency of expectations of the ideal personality of psychology students and the effects on study satisfaction and academic performance. In Michael Krämer, Siegfried Preiser & Kerstin Brusdeylins (eds.), Psychology Didactics and Evaluation XI. Aachen, Germany: Shaker Verlag.