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Japanese fashion designer : Kansai Yamamoto is dead

The Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto is dead. He died of leukemia on July 21, at the age of 76. This was announced by his daughter Mirai Yamamoto on Instagram. Yamamoto has been in the hospital since February and "left this world peacefully" in the presence of his family. He was considered a pioneer of the Japanese fashion industry and was known among other things for his designs for pop star David Bowie.

Yamamoto was the first Japanese fashion designer to hold a fashion show in London in 1971. His collection in the British capital, inspired by traditional kabuki theater and Japanese aesthetics, earned him international recognition and a long-lasting friendship with Bowie, who himself wore and made Yamamoto's futuristic outfits known. "I found David's aesthetic and his interest in crossing gender boundaries shockingly beautiful," Yamamoto told the website in 2018 The Cut.

Other world-famous musicians such as Elton John or Stevie Wonder had themselves dressed by Yamamoto. Between 1974 and 1992, the Japanese took part in fashion weeks in Tokyo, New York and Paris.

Born in Tokyo's neighboring city of Yokohama, the designer began his career back home as an assistant to Junko Koshino, another famous Japanese costume designer. Yamamoto later made a name for himself as a designer who overcame the boundaries of fashion with his colorful avant-garde work. Japan's aesthetics are world standard - "that's what I wanted to prove," he said.

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