Why is Cancun not popular with Europeans

Today I have prepared something very special for you: mine Cancun tips! You are drawn to the distance again and you want to go to new shores, maybe even in sunny Mexico? Then Cancun is perhaps the right place for you, because nowhere else are so many different options waiting for you: Here you not only lie around on the beach, but also have the choice between many different water sports and excursions to the fascinating ruins of the ancient Maya. If you want, you can of course still make yourself comfortable with a cool drink by the hotel pool or on one of the many dream beaches. Whether you are on a party, family or relaxing holiday - everyone is in good hands here! Read more about the vibrant city on Playa del Carmen and see what Cancun has to offer!

My Cancun tips

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Sunny days in Cancun

Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, in the warm southeast of Mexico, Cancun is such a popular holiday destination primarily because it is here all year round warm temperatures prevail. Most of the time you can enjoy a pleasant 20-30 degrees and thanks Sunshine guarantee work properly on your tan. Of course, what has to be in your suitcase? Well, the sunscreen, of course. But which beach is best for sunbathing ?! To be honest, Cancun's beach isn't particularly difficult to find. A seemingly never-ending, white powdered sugar beach stretches along the coast that is second to none.

The most beautiful beaches in Cancun

However, it is most beautiful directly on the Isla Cancun, the thin stretch of land that separates the city from the Caribbean Sea. Here you will find, for example, Playa Las Perlas, Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, or the party beach Playa Tortugas. Fine sand wherever you look and green palm trees and bast-covered parasols that give you a little shade in the midday sun! Although most of the beaches are among the many hotels and resorts in the city, some of them are also freely accessible. Playa Delfines, for example, like Playa Chac-Mool and Playa Marlin, is accessible to everyone. If you long for a little more island atmosphere, you should definitely take a short one Trip to Isla Mujeres plan, because here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, such as the beautiful Playa Norte.

The right dose of adventure

Lots of action and activities are what draw so many visitors to the big city on the Yucatán Peninsula every year. Mostly Americans and Canadians like to come here for theirs Spring break to celebrate or to benefit from the various offers for adventure-hungry tourists. Of course, Europeans also get lost here from time to time. And you will surely want to do that quickly as soon as you have found out that, in addition to parasailing, snorkeling and water skiing, you can also use your own boat hereinthewonderfulSunsetg sailing or spend your free time on one of the many golf courses. Cancun is almost an amusement park right on the Caribbean Sea and invites you to go on extensive diving tours through caves, coral reefs and mysterious underwater worlds. You can of course experience just as much as below sea level in the streets of Cancún, where almost every wish is read from your lips in the lively hotel district!

Tacos and delicious seafood

If you don't linger on the beach with a towel and sunglasses, you will find variety in Cancun's entertainment mile, which stretches along the hotel zone. During the day and in the evening you won't have any problems filling your stomach with Mexican delicacies or eating a burger or two in a classic American restaurant. In my opinion, you should especially grab the tacos if you are already in Mexico. We recommend the somewhat touristy restaurant La Parrilla, where a lively atmosphere meets live music and delicious Mexican specialties. Asks about the specialty of the house, the so-called tacos al pastor! It continues just as deliciously with Los de Pescado, a restaurant that has several locations in the downtown area. Excellent fish tacos are the order of the day here.

A special experience is a dinner at NAVIOS fusion Mexican Food, where you can dine directly on a jetty over the water and enjoy exclusive Mexican cuisine. Perfect for an evening for two, which you can end here with the romantic sunset in small houses on the water. But please don't forget to reserve in advance! You can get delicious seafood in the hip restaurant The White Box. What is on your plate here almost causes a taste explosion, so delicious are the experimental combinations with the modern concept.

In the footsteps of the Maya

The absolute highlight of your Mexico trip should definitely be a visit to the ancient Mayan ruins that can be found all over the Yucatan and especially in the coastal areas. Some of these treasures are located right next to Cancún, just waiting to be explored by you. How about, for example, a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage SiteChichen Itza, less than 200 kilometers from Cancun? The impressive Mayan pyramid is even one of the seven new wonders of the world. No less exciting is the enchanting town of Tulum, about 130 kilometers south of Cancún. Embedded in a beautiful landscape you will find an archaeological site that can give you a lot about the history of the Maya. And did I mention the wonderful surroundings with palm-fringed beaches?

Much closer to Cancun are the sites El Meco and El Rey, the latter even being in the middle of the hotel zone. So you should definitely stop by here. Just ask at your hotel whether tours to the Mayan temples and sites are offered. In my opinion, a visit to these magical places is an absolute must on your Mexico trip.

Colorful coral reefs and an underwater museum

Now I have something very special for you that you definitely shouldn't miss during your stay in Cancun! A highlight among the Cancun tips, at least if you like to stay in the underwater world. There is a real one here Underwater museum. Around 400 sculptures by the artist Jason de Caires Taylor are located here in the depths of the sea, some of which have already been populated by corals and marine animals. Grab your goggles and flippers and immerse yourself in this fairytale labyrinth of corals, sculptures and other works of art!

Hidden oases: the cenotes

Just as fascinating as the coral reefs off the coast of Mexico are the so-called cenotes that you can find all around the city. Of course, these should not be missing from my Cancun tips! The Cenote Azul is nearby and invites you to relax, dive and explore. In the past, these streams and underwater caves were used by the Maya as freshwater sources. Today, however, they serve numerous tourists as a refreshing cool-down. Really magical places, these cenotes in the middle of the jungle, don't you think?

Find out more about the mysterious ones in my travel magazine Cenotes. I have dedicated my own article to the magical caves.

Excursions into the fascinating nature near Cancun

In case you haven't guessed it yet: the plants and also the animal species that populate the jungle of Mexico are as diverse as in hardly any other place on earth. Visit Akumal Beach, where you swim with turtles can, or admire the most exotic animal species, from pelicans to flamingos - everything is there. Cancun is simply a paradise for all nature lovers. The Yucatán peninsula is also very popular with backpackers and offers a lot of space for discovery tours and hikes! You can also find that here Sian Ka’an National Park, which with an area of ​​around 5,300 square kilometers is definitely big enough to let the natural diversity of Mexico take its toll. There is nothing more exciting than getting to know nature, animals and the culture of another country, so let yourself be greeted warmly by dolphins, crocodiles, turtles and Co. on a jeep or boat trip through the park and enjoy pure nature under the Mexican sun.

Legendary parties on Cancun's beaches

Oh, I almost forgot one thing, and Cancun is so famous for it! Can you guess? In my Cancun tips, I will certainly not leave out the city's legendary nightlife. There is hardly any other place in the world where the Spring break celebrated as exuberantly as here.

But there is also plenty going on here outside of the semester break.

Except maybe the spring break in Florida. So it's no wonder that Cancun is often referred to as the Mexican counterpart to Mallorca and Ibiza.Early to mid-March the parties are in full swing and you can spend a very special vacation in Mexico. But even outside of the semester break for American and Canadian party-goers, things are going very well here and you can party in the best and largest discos in the world until the early hours of the morning!

Your vacation in Mexico

A place to fall in love, don't you think so? Cancún is simply a vacation paradise, as it is in the book and offers you everything you could wish for during your stay. The exciting day trips to the most extraordinary destinations have particularly impressed me here. Just take a rental car so you can't miss anything! What do you say, maybe your next vacation is going to sunny Mexico?

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