What is spirituality and divinity

Inspirational Swadhyaya for spiritual seekers

Physical body and divine life

This body is an air bubble. It's like lightning. This world is a game that lasts two days. It's taking place today. Tomorrow it goes on. Not more. Not more. Wake up Wake up Seek the eternal. Rest in your Satchidananda Atman.
Divine life is perfect life lived according to the laws of truth. Divine life is immortal life in which the state of completion and expansion into infinity and eternity is reached. It is a means of arriving at the true ideal of all beings, God-realization. The goal of divine life is harmony, peace, harmony.

Repeating the divine name

The silent repetition of the name of the Lord is an incredible stimulant and powerful remedy for all diseases. It must never be interrupted, not for a single day, under any circumstances. It's like food. It is spiritual nourishment for the hungry soul.

Man and his stepping stone

Man is more than he thinks he is. He is eternal and immortal. He is perfect knowledge and immortal joy. There is nothing wrong with him, he is Apta Kama. He is the ultimate delight. He is the highest truth.
Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Every difficulty, every disappointment is a test of faith. Every illness is a karmic cleansing. Every unpleasant incident is a test of your trust in God. Every temptation is a test of your spiritual strength.

Peace, the salt of life and sankirtan

The salt of life is selfless service. The bread of life is universal love. The water of life is purity. The sweetness of life is piety. The scent of life is generosity. The pivot of life is meditation. The goal of life is self-realization.
There is nothing that is as effective at calming as sankirtan. Sankirtan melts the stone hearts hardened by sin of skeptical scoffers, unbelievers and all sinners.
Peace is a divine attribute. It is a quality of the soul. He cannot stop with greedy people. He fills the pure heart. He leaves the lustful. He flees the selfish. Look deep into your heart. When you are firmly anchored in the highest self, even great worry, loss, or setback won't shake you. This peace is wonderful.

The wise, luck and power

Just as the Himalayas resists storms unmoved, so does the wise man remain unmoved by praise and blame, respect and disregard, gain and loss, victory and defeat.
Happy is the person who is under the care and protection of a guru. Happy is the person who serves the guru and meditates by his side. Whoever serves the guru knows the way. The way cannot be found without the grace of a guru.
The path of union through love, piety and devotion to God is the simplest path of all, and deep seriousness is the only power that leads you to the goal of life.
The power of powers that gives power to the spirit, the light of lights that gives light to the spirit, the seer observes the seer, the motifs and movements of the spirit, the support of the supports on which the spirit rests in sleep is God .

Life, the soft heart and divine grace

Develop a soft heart, a hand to give, kind language, a life of service, universal vision, and an unbiased mindset. Keep the mind calm and cool at all times and in all exam situations.
God hears silently and invisibly everything that arises in your spirit. God is your invisible guest at every meal. God is the head of the household. God sees and hears everything you do. Have extreme faith in God and do what is right.
Life is a valuable asset; use it to attain God Realization. Life without valuable ideals is like a boat without an oar. Life without spiritual pursuit is vegetation. Live for God and attain God Realization.
Divine Life teaches mind control by focusing all attention on the inner self. Right behavior, self-conquest, compassion, benevolence, search for the truth, serving people, meditation, self-analysis - this is good life, this is divine life.

Humanity, love and kindness

There is only one caste - the human caste. There is only one religion - the religion of love, the religion of Vedanta. There is only one dharma - the dharma of truthfulness. There is only one law - the law of cause and effect. There is only one language - the language of the heart, the language of silence.
Being like a child is good; being childish is not good. It is good to be pious; being emotional is not good. Having a strong will is good; being stubborn is not good. To hold fast to your ideals is good; being stubborn is not good. To be brave is good; Bringing the mistakes of others to light is not a good thing.
Love is divine. Love is nectar. Love is the greatest force on this earth. Only love can change the world. Only love can bring peace on this earth. Only love can conquer the hearts of others.

Purity, Spiritual Striving, Realization

Just as a small light bulb cannot withstand a very strong electrical voltage, so neither are the nerves and heart ready to withstand cosmic currents unless the mind has been thoroughly purified. Wait patiently. Determined to continue the cleaning process.
There is no safer boat than Satsanga to get to the other bank of samsara, the bank of absolute fearlessness and immortality.
Realization is not the monopoly of cave dwellers and mountain nomads. Outside circumstances may be helpful at certain times; but the essential thing is the inner attitude - and outer circumstances are also determined by this attitude. You create your own world of worries and difficulties. Nobody forces you to do it.
The heart, kindled by the flame of spiritual aspiration and bearing the scent of piety, is the rarest human achievement. Therefore do everything to purify the lower self and attain supreme success.

Sadhana and Shakti

God is the original source of life, health, strength and power. Meditation on God is the panacea for all illness. Developing muscle strength is not the goal. To be free from illness in order to do sadhana unhindered, that is the intention.
Eternal happiness is the only ideal worth striving for by man. He who is purified through wisdom, cheerful, self-controlled, without egoism and without the thought of "mine" is free from all sins.
Shakti is the way to Shiva. The Divine Mother is the promise and the possibility that man will attain the highest goal of existence, the highest Purushartha - Dharma, Artha and Moksha. Seek your mercy. You are assured of prosperity now and happiness later.

Anger, spirit and self-conquest

Anger is in breath. Anger is a waste of energy and clouds the mind. Conquering anger makes a person a spiritual hero who is sure of success in life and who draws happiness from every moment of earthly existence.
Triumph over the spirit is most certainly triumph over death. The internal war with the mind is more terrible than the external war with machine guns. Conquering the spirit is more difficult than conquering the world by force of arms.
In order to achieve ethical purity, concentration and meditation one must understand the mind, destroy all bad qualities, struggle with it and defeat it.
Love, truth and purity form the foundation of the building of divine life. The temple of divine life has four pillars - meditation, purity, love and righteousness. Live the divine life and become divine.

Compassion, satsang and discernment

Discernment and dispassion are the two wings of the soul that carry you to the eternal seat of bliss. Those who die for the lower self rise to immortality.
Divine light shines through a pure heart. The grace of God floods the devout heart. The compassionate heart is the abode of God.
Just as a single match burns huge balls of cotton in a matter of seconds, the company of saints burns up all ignorance in a very short time. It is for this reason that Sankara and others extol Satsang in such high terms in all of their books.
Life on this physical plane is only a preparation for the eternal life of everlasting bliss that arises when a person achieves self-knowledge. The great problem of human life is the liberation of the soul from the chaos of mortality.
Just as one iron sharpens another, the pure mind must correct and shape the unclean mind.
When the mind that hurries from one thing to another is slain with the sword of discernment, Brahman radiating from itself is realized.

Truth, Vedanta, and Human Imagination

Only the truth wins, never the untruth. Falsehood and life, fantasies and unreality cannot be successful. Only the real is permanent. This real is experienced through meditation connected with knowledge.
Vedanta wants every person to destroy Moha, selfish love and passion for the body and develop pure, unintentional cosmic love, generous divine prem. It never preaches pessimism, it preaches the utmost optimism.
Feel the majesty of yourself. Then nature will obey you and you will command all elements. All eight siddhis and nine riddhis crouch at your feet. They stand with folded hands to do as you tell them to do. This is the sublime teaching of Vedanta.
Just as a dog gnawing at a dry bone in the street foolishly believes that blood is oozing from the dry bone when the blood is actually oozing from its own roof of the mouth, so too worldly minds imagine that happiness that they enjoy in daily life comes only from the objects. Eternal, infinite, supreme peace and bliss can only be found in the Atman, which shines in the innermost heart of the heart in all its splendor and glory.

Inner happiness and the omnipresence of the Lord

Waves arise in water, exist in water and are released in water. The only thing that sustains the whole world is the Lord. Since wise men recognize this and feel the omnipresence of the Lord, they worship Him in every place with devotion and love. The highest is the same in all countries and at all times.
The necklace is made up of many pearls of different shapes, but a single thread holds them together. The thread is indeed their hold and their being. Likewise, behind the various Jivas and worlds that exist, there is a common principle of life, it is called the highest Brahman, which holds the totality of being together.
Happiness is only within. Direct your gaze to the divine flame within, which is the essence of the universal light that shines and sends out peace. Find more time to meditate, sit alone, and seek and contemplate the inner flame.
If you learn to swim, you have to try it for a few days. Nobody can dare to swim in the ocean after just a day of practicing. So if one wishes to swim in the Brahmin ocean, a great deal of intellectual effort must first be made before one can ultimately successfully swim in it.
God is hidden in you. The immortal soul is in you. The inexhaustible spiritual treasure lies within you. The ocean of bliss is within you. Find the happiness within, which you have sought in vain in the ephemeral sense objects. Rest peacefully in the atman.
Flowers bloom and then wither. There is no need to praise the former and condemn the latter. We must accept everything that comes without excitement, pain, or rebellion.
When a woman is pure, she can save and cleanse the man. The woman can purify the race. The woman can turn the home into a sacred temple.
Happiness is not only found in external objects, in wealth and children, in power and position, in going from one business to another, or in receiving one gift after another; True happiness can only be found through the practice of purity, dispassion and meditation in one's immortal blissful atman.

God and His Name

God is. God exists. Give up useless arguments and theological disputes. Be pure in heart. Serve the people. Love god. Treat all creatures with love.
This physical body in the perceptible world is only a passing shadow. Be intensely conscious of the ever present, highest eternal soul, which resides in all beings and fills everything.
Regular practice of continued japa with bhava and concentration will ultimately remove the discontinuity of the mind and make it steady and calm.
At first the mind may wander around a little due to its previous habits, but the repetition of the divine name is the magic wand to subdue the impetuous and disorderly mind.

The body and grace of human birth

This body is a source of infinite suffering. It brings disregard, criticism, pain, etc. It is like foam, an air bubble or a mirage. The body lies on the floor like a useless piece of wood when the pranas leave it.
This body is certainly not there to accomplish small goals. It is made for severe penance here and infinite happiness later. It is the instrument to achieve the goal of human life, namely the attainment of Brahma Jnana. It serves as a boat to cross over this ocean of samsara.
There is no hope of immortality through wealth. It is emphasized and irrefutably explained in the Upanishads: "Neither through rituals, nor through offspring, nor through riches, but through renunciation alone can immortality be achieved."
It is very difficult for any being to attain human birth, and even more so a male body. It is said that there are three things that are indeed rare and at the grace of God, namely, human birth, the desire for deliverance, and the protective concern of a perfect sage.

The mainstays in sadhana

There is nothing irrevocable. There is no obstacle or handicap that cannot be overcome with courage, determination and commitment. The faculty of reason and the spirit of limitation and renunciation distinguish man from animals.
The lotus of self-actualization does not bloom as long as the sun of absolute vision remains obscured by the cloud of the ego.
The light of the Atman, the light of the soul, the wisdom of the soul, is hidden from man, but it is revealed to those who are humble, believing, pious, dispassionate and bold and have the four means of salvation.
The essential points in a moral life are righteousness, honesty, mercy, humility, respect for life or the tender gaze for any creature that breathes, absolute selflessness, truthfulness, celibacy, indecentiveness, lack of vanity and hypocrisy and cosmic love.

The claims of yoga and worldly people

Yoga advocates complete detachment from worldly interests in favor of the practice of uninterrupted meditation. Meditation on the inner light of the heart or something else that is attractive is recommended.
Just as a nail cannot penetrate a stone, no matter how hard you try to drive it in with a hammer, so religious ideals or words about God cannot penetrate the minds of worldly people, no matter how clear they are with stories, Analogies and parables are explained.

Difficulties in Life and the Messages of the Saints

The plowman must keep plowing without weeping over the famine, and when the rain suddenly sets in, he will have a rich harvest; one must also be active and act. All difficulties and annoyances will go away like an autumn cloud breaking open. One will have the rich spiritual harvest of everlasting peace and joy.
Ultimate reality can best be described in terms of opposites: “Smaller than the small and greater than the great is the Atman, the highest self. He has settled down and travels far; it is static and moves in every direction. "
The messages of the saints are essentially the same. They have always been a call to man to discover the wisdom of the self, the Atman.
One must have intense childlike faith and intense longing, like a child for its mother. One attains God-realization when one is filled with such ardent desire and spiritual aspiration.
Through love, selfless service, sacrifice, renunciation and meditation, the soul is lifted up, led into heights, lifted up and transformed into divinity.

God Consciousness and Sat Chit Ananda

God-consciousness, the connection with the Lord, is the pinnacle of the ethical-religious discipline of yoga. It is achieved through a remarkable sense of freedom and moral height, triggered by the collapse of the false, deceptive little 'me'.
Just as the sky is said to be blue, the properties and activities of the body and organs are also attributed to the pure Sat-Chit-Ananda Atman by indistinguishing.
Nothing other than the atman gives light to the intellect, the senses, etc., just as a light illuminates the pot and other objects; but the atman receives no light from the unconscious (intellect, spirit, senses, etc.)
Besign Hari with a spirit as submissive as a blade of grass and as firm as a tree. Don't expect any show of respect, but be respectful of others.
That which outshines everything and makes the whole world become a mere nothing before his face is the all-conscious, all-blissful and all-pure name of Hari, and nothing else than Hari.
Develop peace of mind in the garden of the heart by eliminating the weeds of hatred, greed, selfishness and jealousy. Only then can it become visible to the outside world.
Just as a child often falls when trying to walk without the help of the wall, just as the cyclist often falls off the bike at the beginning before he learns to sit firmly in the saddle, the new seeker also falls into his resolutions several times. He has to keep trying, but in the end he will be victorious.

Patience, contentment and divine light

The human birth, the longing for liberation and the contact with a great Mahatma - all of this is a gift of God's grace. A person truly commits suicide if he has all these means and does not strive for liberation.
Contentment is real wealth because it gives peace to the mind. She is a guardian in the land of Moksha. If you join forces with him, he will introduce you to his friends, the other Guardians, Satsanga, Santosha, Vichara and Shanti.
Just as the fruit is hidden in the seed, butter in milk and virility in boyhood, different Shaktis are also hidden in people. When one purifies the mind and practices concentration and meditation, all of these forces come out.
Only truth wins, not falsehood. Dharma is rooted in the truth. Sages reach the place of immortality, where the exalted seat of truth is.
The divine light descends into the pure mind through sadhana. The pure higher spirit easily and willingly grasps the descending light.
The divine light filters through the denser areas of emotions, desires and vital dynamism. Ultimately, it gets into the entire body.

Love and the Mystery of God Realization

Build the shrine of piety in your heart. Go to the silence. Enjoy the transcendental life.
In purity lies the secret of God-Realization, in self-control lies strength of character, and in dispassion lies spiritual progress. Purity is freedom from desires. Meditation and contentment are the secrets of good health and long life.
Just as good flowers and fruit can grow in a garden when the ground is plowed and manured, and weeds and thorns are removed, and plants and trees are watered, so too can the power of piety grow in the garden of the mind when the impurities of the mind are as Lust, anger, greed, deception, pride, etc. are eliminated and he is poured with divine thoughts.
Love, with its delicate touch, conquers even more things. Love is the balm that heals all wounds of the heart. Love changes the feeling. The whole being is formed by love. Love cannot be subdued by any other power. Love connects. It works in the area of ​​harmony, equality, unity, peace and joy. Love can ultimately prevail over everything.
When a lamp is surrounded by many layers of fabric, the light is not bright. When one layer of fabric after the other is removed, the light becomes brighter. Likewise, when the self-radiating Atman, which is enveloped by the five layers, is freed from it through meditation on the pure self and the practice of the teaching of "Neti-Neti", the self-radiating Atman is revealed to the meditator.
Just as a king of his own free will plays the role of a beggar on stage in a play, so too does the Sat-Chit-Ananda Brahman play the role of a jiva in this world drama to his delight and of his own free will.
Have a tremendous amount of self-confidence and devotion to the Lord and the Guru. You can lift up the Himalayas and drink up the ocean.
There is an infinite Shakti in the name of the Lord. The name of the Lord is the solution to all the fears that have befallen people in this atomic bomb age. An atom bomb can only wipe out a city. But the name of the Lord can obliterate the whole world. That is the glory of the Lord's name.
There is a mysterious buti, a heavenly plant, the plant that makes immortal and transforms man into God; a drink made from this buti is extremely delicious and energizing. It's "Hari Nam Buti". It is the name of the Lord.
The name is the most powerful food. The name is the food of all dishes. The name is the most balanced diet. The dish name is available at all times; it is the most nutritious, cheapest and best, this name made Prahlad and Dhruva immortal.
If you move one foot to meet the Lord, He will walk a mile towards you to greet you! He is very kind and compassionate. His hand rests on your back to protect you at all times. Trust in His support, feel His hidden hand work through all sources. Put your ego at His feet; and feel safe forever!

Wisdom and perfection

Just as it looks as if the moon is running when the clouds are moving, the atman also seems to be active for those who do not distinguish, while in truth only the organs are working.
Wisdom is the sharpest weapon. She is guaranteed to save you from evil. It is a strong, impregnable citadel. They cannot destroy atomic bombs. One can live safely in this citadel.
Perfection is the attainment of immortal life and pure consciousness. It is not the acquisition of something new, it is the discovery of the forgotten treasure that is already inside.
The intellect gives knowledge of the external objects. Intellect is a struggle. Intellect guesses, believes. Intellect is a product of Prakriti.
The Lord and His Shakti are inextricably linked. Like flower and fragrance, sun and ray or life and body, Shakti is the mother aspect of the Lord. It is the energy aspect of Ishvara. Shakti is Sat-Chit-Ananda Rupini, Chinmaya Rupini, Anandamaya Rupini. Obtain the grace of the mother.
This body is a temple of God; the Lord owns this temple. He is its resident. It is an instrument for God-realization, so it must be kept healthy and strong. Always think of Him, and only Him, for guidance and help.
The infinite Brahman is here in your heart. Break the veil of ignorance. Crush that ego. Dissolve the mind. Become one with Brahman.
Just as the musk ox walks around to enjoy the smell of musk, so too are people fooled by the idea that the eternal being is far from them.
Just as a light does not need the help of another light in order to make itself noticeable, since it is itself bright, so the Atman, whose actual nature is knowledge, does not depend on any other knowledge for the knowledge of itself.
Education is lifeless if it lacks religious consciousness, for religion is the true meaning of the meaning of life, the one and only goal of the struggle for existence. If religion is rejected, nothing is left of the mortal but a pile of bones and a mass of flesh.
Those who are wise, humble and forgiving, who believe in God, are humble and always think of the Lord, enter the kingdom of everlasting peace.

The Lord, His form and His presence

The Lord is everywhere. Feel His presence everywhere. His eyes see everything; His hands protect everyone. Trust him. Take refuge in His sweet name. Do not despair. You don't have to fear anything.
The greatest people are those who are lost in self-awareness. Such people are too close to God to be able to do anything. That is why they are not known to the world.
A saint is actually a king of kings. He's a great hero. He destroyed all wishes, dislikes and fears. He is always peaceful. He radiates joy and peace. He has internal and external control. He moves in the world to enlighten the ignorant worldlings. He sees God everywhere.
Just as fire is covered with ashes, the sword from the scabbard, the sun from the clouds, the fetus from the amniotic sac, rubies from the earth and mattresses from the sheet, so Brahman is also covered with flesh and bones.
God is formless and yet He is the form of all forms. Pain and joy cannot touch the soul, the Atman, because Atman is soul. In truth you are the atman. Realize that and be free. Did Twam Asi. That is you.
Just as the scent of jasmine or sandalwood fills a room, the scent of a virtuous person penetrates everywhere.
When a tree is watered at the root, everything else, the trunk, branches and twigs is enlivened, and the senses are satisfied by being nourished with prana, just as worship of God Hari satisfies all gods .
People go this way and that in search of flowers in dense forests, on mountain tops, by lakes and in gardens to offer them to the Lord, and yet they cannot attain the highest bliss. They can easily attain eternal bliss if they can offer the Lord the one flawless flower of their hearts.
Whoever has perfect serenity will be happy always and everywhere. Not even the wealth of the whole world can make a person as happy as having serene serenity.
Just as the Ganges flows east, leans east, tends east, so the yogi who practices meditation also flows to samadhi, inclines to samadhi, and inclines to samadhi.
Those who are fearless, desireless, without the feeling of 'I' and 'mine', who are modest, trusting and truthful will quickly come to the realization of the immortal. Perfect knowledge, perfect peace and eternal bliss are the fruits of self-realization.

Analogies and some types of blessings

Just as a bird that is chased by a hawk flies into a house and comes out immediately because it does not have a suitable resting place, so too the mind goes outside to wander between the sense objects, since it finds it extremely difficult to remain subtle atman.
Satisfaction is the joy of life. The cool Ambrosian waters of contentment quickly put out the fire of desires. Contentment is the main guardian guarding the kingdom of peace, the kingdom of God.
Just as iron is transformed into gold by contact with the philosopher's stone, so too can the raw material gradually be transformed from the ground up into a true saint through constant contact with an advanced yogi.
This world was created out of love, it lives in love and will ultimately dissolve in love. A heart without love is a desert without water. God is an ocean of love.
A virtuous life is the greatest blessing; to serve the guru is the greatest purification; Satisfaction is the greatest wealth; Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the greatest bliss.
Illness is a blessing. She is a messenger from God. It is an act of mercy to direct the mind inward, to focus the mind on Him.
Singing God's name cleans the mirror of the spirit, burns the forest of desires and immerses the whole being in a flood of joy.

Life on Earth and the Liberated Sage

A liberated sage is an ocean of mercy. He is a great spiritual hero. He does not identify with the body and the senses. He does not have the idea: "I am the doer."
Man's life on earth is nothing but a life of temptation and hardship. Those who have true and intense Vairagya and strong Viveka can hardly be tempted by worldly things, Maya and Satan.
Whoever has slain the stork of desire with the sword of the utmost and mature dispassion, crosses the ocean of samsara without encountering obstacles.
There is no higher practice of penance than speaking the truth. There is no higher virtue than mercy. There is no bliss higher than the bliss of the soul. There is no greater wealth than spiritual wealth.
To a person of contentment, rulership over the whole world means nothing more than a little rotten straw. Those who are dissatisfied are actually unhappy and poor.
The joy of self-realization cannot be described in words. It is like the joy that a dull person feels when he tastes delicious candy or rock candy.

Self-control and Brahma Jnana

A life of self-control is the first requirement to attain God Realization. Therefore, practice self-control on a daily basis by cultivating tolerance, patience, forbearance, perseverance, lack of anger, etc.
To be in the company of the Satguru is the greatest blessing; Doing Japa on the banks of the Ganges is the greatest spiritual wealth; To have good health is the greatest grace; to taste the bliss of samadhi is the greatest blessing.
Brahma Jnana dawns on its own in a person whose mind is serene and serene. Serenity is a very important virtue that a seeker must possess.
The enemy of the atman is none other than the fickle mind. Because of its fickleness, the mind gives rise to innumerable vasanas and sankalpas. Destroy this power of wavering mind with constant brahmavichara.
Just as the mirror is clouded by dirt, so Brahman is veiled by Avidya. This is why people are fooled by Avidya. When self-knowledge is achieved, this avidya disappears.

Virtues and Bhakti

True love is limitless like the ocean, wide like the sky, immovable like the Himalayas. Pure love makes the personality noble, purifies the heart and sanctifies existence.
Where there is kindness, humility and purity, there arises spirituality, holiness shines, divinity descends and perfection becomes manifest.
Whoever worships Hari is always mild and humble. God's names are always on his lips. He sheds hot tears when he's alone. He is very pious. He is kind to everyone. He doesn't see any differences. He always does good. He never hurts the feelings of others. He sees Hari in all beings.
Bhakti can be acquired and developed. Constant satsang with pious and bhagavatas, repeating His name, constant thinking of the Lord, prayer, reading religious books, hari kirtan, serving bhaktas, etc. can put bhakti in the heart of the believer.
Worshiping the name of Ram is never in vain, just as it can be very helpful at some point if one has practiced swimming in childhood. If someone thinks of Rama in a good mood or in a bad mood, he certainly has the positive effect, just as the seeds in the fields produce good results, whether they are planted right or wrong.

Pay for Japa and study of the Upanishads

Everyone has innumerable powers. Just as fire has the natural ability to burn things, so does the Name of God have the power to burn sins and desires.
The practice of Japa removes the impurities of the spirit, destroys sins, and brings the believer before the face of God. Japa has to become a habit. Japa is the easiest and safest way to God-Realization.
Constant study of the Upanishads elevates the mind and helps to attain the first level of jnana. Meditation on OM with attention and feeling enables the attainment of self-realization.

Vairagya, Abhyasa and meditation

Just as pure gold, which has been treated and purified in the melting pot with borax, etc., shines radiantly, the yogi, whose mind has been purified by the active ingredients of Vairagya and Abhyasa, also becomes a radiant personality.
A seed that has been in the fire for just a second will not leaf even if it is sown in fertile ground. Likewise, a mind that meditates for a while but runs to sense objects because of its impermanence will not bring the full fruits of yoga.
The self is hidden in all beings like butter in milk. It can be seen by sentient seers who have a pure, sharp, and subtle intellect and who regularly practice continued deep meditation.
The subtle seeker, whose mind is serene and serene, who thinks and acts correctly, who has right conduct, who has conquered all the senses, and is concentrated and calm, can attain Brahman through constant and continued meditation.
Those who practice the religion of renunciation, eat very moderately and have their senses completely under control, can attain Brahman, which is immutable, eternal and radiant of itself and which transcends nature.
Viveka and Vairagya are the main weapons used to kill this hideous enemy of peace. Longings run away as soon as they hear about Viveka and Vairagya. Just as darkness cannot exist in the presence of the sun, so neither can desires show their face in the presence of Viveka and Vairagya.
Just as a heap of salt has neither inside nor outside, but as a whole is only a mass of taste, so does this self also have neither inside nor outside, but as a whole is nothing more than a homogeneous mass of consciousness.
There are no difficulties for a man of firm resolve and an iron will, not even on the path of a knife's edge. The strength comes from within with every step. Extreme asceticism and self-torment are not necessary to gain self-knowledge.
Life is more important than the senses. When the king orders the death penalty imposed on a criminal, the criminal certainly prefers to lose one of his senses than his life. The atman is more important than life because it is an embodiment of bliss.
Repetition of the mantra creates vibrations. Vibrations create concrete forms. Repeating Om Namah Sivaya gives rise to the form of God Siva in the mind, repeating Om Namo Narayana gives rise to the form of God Hari.
The glory of God's name cannot be established through deliberation and intellect. It can certainly only be experienced and realized through piety, faith, and repetition.

Ignorance and the nagging human passion

Loss of judgment arises from ignorance and sinfulness arises from habit. When the victim of this mistake begins to be in the presence of a wise man, he immediately disappears.
Violent passion, hatred, prolonged bitter jealousy, gnawing fear and fits of anger do indeed destroy the cells of the body and lead to diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and stomach.
Envy of others comes from anger and lust. It disappears through compassion and self-knowledge and disinterest in everything worldly. It also arises from seeing the weaknesses of others. In clever people, however, it quickly disappears through true knowledge.
In the garden of your heart plant the Lily of Love, the Rose of Purity, the Champaka of Courage, the Mandara of Modesty and the Queen of the Night of Compassion.
Just as the sweater warms the body when it is cold and gives well-being, so the knowledge of Atman, the self, protects against the external drought of worries, fears, suffering, etc. and gives the blessing of eternal peace, infinite joy and immortal bliss.

Representative of divine beauty

The beautiful flower reminds us of the invisible, the beauty of all beauty. She is a symbol of God. Smell like the flower and spread joy and peace.
All natural phenomena are governed by an important law, the law of causation, the law of karma. This law maintains the inner harmony and the logical order of the universe. No phenomenon can escape the workings of this powerful law of order.
Any hope for happiness in this world ends in pain, disappointment and worry. Joys are mixed with pain, beauty with ugliness; Kindness is mixed with anger and harsh words. There is no real crutch in this world to lean on. Money and power fill the mind with vanity.

The way to purity

Vices destroy ethical life. They are the poisonous weed that grows rapidly and stifles the fragrant blossom of virtue that blooms in the magic garden of ethical life. As long as the vices have not been eradicated with determined effort and self-purification, no one’s moral well-being is certain. It is in constant danger.
The unconscious machine of a train cannot run without the intelligent driver. Neither can this unconscious body machine move without the intelligent guide God, Ishvara. From the existence of the body one can infer the existence of a hidden control element of the body machine.
Life is a journey from impurity to purity, from hatred to cosmic love, from death to immortality, from imperfect to perfect, from slavery to freedom, from diversity to unity, from ignorance to eternal wisdom, from pain to eternal bliss, from weakness to Strength.
Meditation is a mysterious ladder that reaches from earth to heaven (Vaikunta or Kailasa or Brahman), from error to truth, from darkness to light, from pain to bliss, from restlessness to permanent peace, from ignorance to knowledge, from mortality to immortality.
Even Indra, the Lord of the Devas indulging in excessive abundance, cannot experience the bliss enjoyed by a saint who has a self-centered mind, devoid of desires, resting in his own Svarupa, and nowhere of differences sees.
Just as cloudy water is cleared by the addition of purifying nut (strichnos patatorum), the cloudy mind filled with vasanas and false sankalpas must also be cleared through brahmachintan (thinking about and reflecting on the absolute). Only then does true enlightenment occur.

The wise and the universal sight

A saint or sage is a spiritual washer. He uses the soap of enlightenment, claps his clothes on the rocks of serenity and washes them in the flow of wisdom.
Universal view is the touchstone of the wise for knowledge. Selflessness is the touchstone of virtue. Celibacy is the touchstone of ethics. Unity is the touchstone for self-realization. Humility is the touchstone of piety.
The landscape is the same, but the layman sees trees and bushes in it, the artist is enchanted by the beauty of nature, and the Saint sees his Beloved Lord in and through the beauty of His creation! Everything depends on the way in which his eye is trained.
Spiritual pursuit means standing up and reaching up. Striving means having a sincere desire, craving, or longing for something high and good that one has not yet attained, and which is usually difficult to attain. God is the only true goal of all human endeavor.

Consideration and gentleness

A kind person has meekness. He spreads so much spiritual sunshine, love and joy that it is reflected in all receptive hearts. He is warm, kind, brilliant. He is free from irritability.
A thoughtless person, who has no control over his organs of speech, speaks something without thinking, and finally weeps for his stupidity. He is at the mercy of disgrace and disgrace. Therefore always consider, at every opportunity,
A contented mind is the greatest grace a person can enjoy in this world. It has a beneficial influence on the human soul. It destroys all excessive ambition, all grumbling and dissatisfaction and makes people cheerful, relaxed, happy and rich. It is a priceless pearl.

Serenity and oneness with the divine

The power of serenity is wonderful. Joy is a power. A cheerful person has great endurance. He does more in the same amount of time, does better, and lasts longer than a joyless person. What sunshine is to flowers is happy and happy smiles to people.
Meditation is a balloon, parachute, or plane that helps the seeker rise high into the realms of eternal bliss, everlasting peace, and immortal joy. Meditation kills all pain, suffering and worry and gives the view of oneness.
Contentment is a gift from God that comes from trusting and surrendering to the Lord. Daily reading of uplifting spiritual literature must be an essential part of daily sadhana. Spiritual peace can only be obtained through total surrender to the Lord who is our father, friend, philosopher and guide. In times of stress, His will infallibly comes to our aid.
Just as the water in a pot that is placed in the ocean becomes one with the water of the ocean when the pot breaks, so the individual soul becomes identical with the highest self when the body pot breaks through meditation on the Atman .
Bramacharya is the bright light that shines in the house of the human body. It is the flower of life in full bloom around which the bees of strength, patience, knowledge, purity and dhriti fly around, buzzing. In other words, the person who holds Bramacharya will have these qualities.
Just as colored water penetrates easily and loosely through a piece of pure white cloth, so the teachings of a wise man can only penetrate and settle in the hearts of seekers when their mind is calm, when there are no desires for pleasure in it, and when the impurity of their minds is destroyed.

Man, architect of circumstances

Man is not the creation of circumstances. He is actually the architect of the circumstances. A person with character founds an existence out of circumstances. He constantly preserves and continues to work. He does not look back, he steps forward boldly and is not afraid of obstacles.
Once one has learned to see the world as His playground, all sorrow disappears; one enjoys peace and bliss.
Desires for external objects disperse the rays of the mind, weaken the will, and also weaken the body; they waste precious life. Center all desires in Him. Then you get everything on the side.
Fulfillment of the object arises from the most passionate desire. Every moment of life must be spent longing for the Lord. If you desire God as much as a drowning person desires a breath, you will get Him right now.

Yoga, the outline of religious experience

Yoga is the outline of all religious experiences. Through the practice of yoga the yogi can show miracles with which science does not know what to do with.The goal of yoga is to calm the mind so that it reflects the atman that is behind the mind without distortion. Yoga offers a clear, unambiguous path to the realization of the highest goal in life.
Clarity, calm, self-control, strength, faith, mental concentration, non-partisanship with the world and longing for liberation are the prerequisites for meditation.

The origin of desires and the realization of Brahman

Desires arise from a sense of imperfection or limitation through identification with the finite body, mind and ego. The desire is the seed from which infinite births spring. The desire arises from ignorance. The basic desire is the mating instinct. Destruction of desire is destruction of ignorance.
On a hot day, the porter throws off his load and rests. Likewise, the intellect, bearing the heavy burden of samsara, drops the burden and attains the peace of the Eternal through meditation. One hour of meditation is better than ten years of study.
He who has achieved Brahman becomes still. Discussions and debates continue as long as the realization of the infinite has not been achieved.
Absolute ananda is the supreme reality. Step by step rise from the place of sensory experience to the transcendental spiritual experience where all names and forms disappear and only the joy in the self exists.
For one who sees the all-pervading, silent, unique and blissful Atman, there is nothing left here to attain or experience. Know this perfect Atman and have everlasting joy.

Good behavior and obstacles on the way

Good behavior, pure and considered action, a good character, ethical perfection and the cultivation of divine virtues are the real heart of all religions in the world. The true Dharma is not opposed to any other religion.
A wise man is the torchbearer of wisdom. He is the beacon, the lighthouse that guides people in the dark ocean of samsara. A wise man or a saint is the ultimate source of knowledge of the soul.
Disruptive elements on the way to self-realization and bliss are like exam papers. Don't bypass it. Answer them to the best of your knowledge and harmoniously and do not care about the results. Always keep the mind clear and strong.

The pervading Brahman, the astral body

The astral body made up of desires, the organs of perception and action, prana, intellect and spirit are the subtle attributes of the Atman.
A king played a beggar for fun; a wise man plays a fool for fun. Likewise, this world is a game, a Lila Brahman, of the Absolute.
Just as sugar cane juice permeates rock sugar, just as salt fills water when a lump of it dissolves in it, and just as butter permeates milk, so Brahman permeates all animate and inanimate objects.
A mighty banyan tree arose from the subtle essence of a seed; this is how this world also emerged from the subtle essence of reality.
The process of practicing and realizing unity is to see cause and effect as one and the same, to see the entire universe as an expression of God.
Divine grace is life's greatest treasure. When surrender occurs, grace flows in. The grace of the Lord will come down according to the degree of devotion.

Vedanta, the path of wisdom

In Vedanta, truth is sought through the power of the intellect; in bhakti one strives for God-realization through the power of feeling and love.
Jnana and Vairagya are the two wings and indispensable for the soul so that it can rise to its eternal home of freedom, peace and immortal bliss.
All spiritual practices are there to enable man to remove the veil of ignorance and to love his neighbor as himself. When the sun of Jnana dawns in the heart, Ajnana, ignorance, goes away.
Ignorance persists as long as there is self-thinking. There can be no liberation as long as there is self-thinking. I think is great confusion.

Faith and love for God

Love and service are two keys to divine life. Religion and life are not two but one. Live a divine life, learn, serve, meditate and worship the divine always in and through people.
The deeper a person's love for God, the greater his spiritual knowledge, depending on his possibility and the depth of his love. The very last climax of love for God is union with God. The love for God is innate to man because of his spiritual development.
God is the source of all happiness. All beings are in Him. He is the embodiment of peace, wisdom and bliss. He is truth, love, beauty and goodness. All beings are in Him.
God is one. God and His law are one. God is love and law. God is pure spirit. God is the way and the goal. God alone is really your father, mother, friend and guru.
Faith heals, faith creates, faith works miracles, faith moves mountains. Faith is the spotlight to find God. Faith makes the weak strong and the timid brave. Faith makes the impossible possible.
Remember that God is always with you, in you and around you. You will have incredible strength, inner peace and happiness as a result. You will be a changed person.

The inner light and the truly wise

The key to any problem is within you, the wisdom to guide you in any situation and the power to rise to wonderful heights of divine splendor and glory.
When the Sattva Guna is working in the mind, there is wonderful silence. The fluctuation of the mind stops and the power of concentration develops. When the Sattva Guna vibrates powerfully in the Vijnanamanya Kosha, there is wonderful knowledge, strong memory and a deep understanding of complex problems.
A person is not 'older' because their hair is gray. Just being old is called empty age. The one who is called 'older', in whom there is truth, virtue, love, harmlessness, self-control and moderation, who is free from impurity and wise.
Just as bees come and sit down as soon as the flowers bloom, so too people of lesser mind are willingly drawn to people with strong personalities.

Definition of religion and a life in the Lord

Religion is trust in the knowledge and worship of God. It is not an issue for discussion at the club table. It is the perception and realization of the true self. It is the fulfillment of the deepest longing in a person. Live every moment of life to make them come true. Life without religion is truly death.
As you sow, so will you reap. Virtuous actions work well; bad actions have negative effects. Nothing other than the law of karma is responsible for differences and imbalances in the world.
Loneliness is painful for young people with great ambition, but it is very calming and peaceful for people who are dispassionate and contemplative.
Highest wisdom is achieved through service to people with Atma Bhava, distinguishing the essence of cause and effect, dispassion, serenity, self-control, concentration, faith, purity and selflessness.
Only the pious souls, free from selfishness and attachment, fully mastered of their senses and immersed in meditation, can reach the realm of immortal bliss and eternal peace, from where there is no return to attachment or limitation.
Neither art, nor science, nor learning is necessary to approach God or to realize Him. What is needed is a pure heart with love and devotion to God, a heart that is determined to care for Him alone, only for His sake and only to love Him.

Obstacles to Spiritual Progress and the Value of Suffering

Live for the Lord. Ceaselessly strive for the vision of God. Practice Dharma. Achieve God-realization through selflessness and service, devotion and worship, reflection and meditation.
Dislikes and likes are a network of attraction and aversion that hinders the soul's progress towards infinite being. These knots must be cut and the concept of high and low broken before stepping through the gate of eternity.
Just as a greedy person accumulates wealth very carefully, does not waste a coin and regards it as a drop of his blood, so seekers and people who want to grow into human beings in the true sense of the word in the world must preserve every little amount of energy and use them for good causes.
The fruit that can ripen on the tree will be very sweet. But that takes a long time. The tree that grows slowly for years will become very strong and can be used for various things. Likewise, the seeker who patiently practices intense sadhana for a long time becomes a dynamic and accomplished yogi. Nowadays students are very impatient. They want to become a yogi in two or three years if they just do a little pranayama, sirshasana, and some japa.
Suffering turns the mind to God. Suffering puts mercy in the heart and softens it. Suffering strengthens. Suffering creates dispassion. Just as you only get the scent when you grind the leaves of the walnut or verbena tree, you get the essence of people only when they are suffering or in trouble. Therefore, suffering is a hidden blessing. It's the very best in this world.
Concentration brings the highest joy, spiritual inner strength, incredible happiness and infinite eternal peace. Concentration brings deep knowledge and deep inner vision, intuition and union with God. It's a wonderful science.
Just as a child feels the greatest security and peace on the mother's lap, just as a baron experiences complete security when he has placed himself in the hands of a powerful potentate, so only then can the seeker enjoy lasting peace and complete control over himself Gaining senses as he surrenders wholly at the feet of the Lord.

World, man and prayer

The world is just a reflection of the mind, like the image in the mirror. The mind is the mirror. When the mirror is removed, the image in the object dissolves. Likewise, when the mind is absorbed in the self, the world ceases to exist as its own being. The whole world is nothing but Brahman. The existence of this mind is the cause of suffering, worry and trial.
The feeling of joy is an inner feeling. There is no joy in physical objects, although they evoke joy in man. Sensual pleasure is only a reflection of the bliss of the Atman. When a wish is fulfilled, the mind goes to the Atman, remains in the Atman for a very short time, and the person experiences joy. Only Atman or Brahman is the embodiment of bliss.
A king is not a king without treasure, subjects and an army. A flower is not a flower without a fragrance. A river is not a river without water. Likewise, a person is not a person without the virtue of celibacy. Both humans and animals have hunger, passion, fear and sleep. What distinguishes man from animals is Jnana and Vichara. So people in whom the thought of sexuality is deeply rooted can never dream of understanding Vedanta and realizing Brahman, even after hundreds of thousands of births.
Prayer is man's effort to connect with the Lord. It's as real as gravity or gravitational pull. The power of prayer is indescribable. It must be done with reverence and with a heart steeped in faith and devotion.
Those who have no attraction or aversion to the pleasant, those who exercise self-control, who see pleasure and pain as the same, and who do not harm any creature are considered good and virtuous.
Universal love is the very foundation of righteousness. Selfless service is the cornerstone. Passionlessness, distinction, cultivation of virtues and the intense longing for liberation are the pillars. The superstructure is eternal happiness, peace, prosperity and immortality. The highest Lord is kept in this temple. Worship Him there.
Empty prayer is like the sound of brass or the sound of cymbals. The heartfelt prayer clearly shows the believer the next step. Prayer is the reliable companion on the difficult path.

Properties of Divine Consciousness

Peaceful, auspicious and beautiful, radiant, always pure and immortal is the nature of the inner consciousness, the Atman, which pervades all creation. Realizing this inner awareness is the essence of spiritual life. Eliminate all negative, that is great and good.
Each religion is just another statement of the eternal truth that was once proclaimed but has perished in the world over time. Hence we need saints and prophets.
Annadana purifies the heart of the giver. Those who feed and enjoy giving food to others develop cosmic love and universal brotherhood. He feels that the Lord is in everyone's heart and gives food to the hungry. This pious mindset that he feeds the Lord helps to purify his mind very quickly.
If the thief may also use the moonlight to steal, the moon can in no way be held responsible for the thief's deed or its consequences. Neither is God touched by the egoistic actions of men, although He gives the ego its light.
If a thorn is stuck in the leg, it is carefully removed with the help of another thorn. After that is done, both thorns are thrown away and one is happy. Likewise, the bad qualities and the ignorance that arises from Avidya must be removed through virtuous qualities and knowledge, and after peace has been attained, both must be discarded and all differences transcended.
Nobility is the majesty of the soul, which includes courage, generosity, generosity, daring and contempt for everything that dishonors character. Nobility is the state or quality of being noble in character as distinct from selfishness, cowardice, and meanness. It is dignity, beauty of character, greatness of mind, magnanimity, and excellence. The true measure of quality is the mind. Those who think nobly are truly noble. Nobility is the finer part of the mind and heart and is associated with divinity.

Indiscernment, anger and the language of the heart

Wrong action and thoughtless action without distinguishing lead to all misery. To find deliverance from misery, the noble way of virtue, Sadachara, is the royal way. May purity permeate your inner motives and your outer behavior. Be loving and compassionate in your opinion of people and things and also in your dealings with others.
Anger is the greatest enemy.Contentment is the Nandana garden (Indra's heavenly arbor), and peace is Kamadhenu (the heavenly cow). Hence, hold on to forgiveness. Atman is different from body, indriyas, prana and mind. He radiates from himself, is immutable, pure and formless.
There are many languages, but there is only one language of the heart and mental images. Cows are many colors, but the color of the milk is always the same. There are many prophets, but the essence of their teaching is always the same. There are many schools of philosophy, but the goal is one. There are many views and forms of worship, but Brahman, God, is one.

Holiness and gentleness of heart

The beginning of holiness is the killing of selfishness. The goal of holiness is eternal life. The key to holiness is brahmacharya. The light of holiness is universal love. The garment of holiness is virtue. The sign of holiness is universal vision. The way to holiness is regular meditation. The foundation of holiness is Yama and Niyama.
Love is the direct path to truth, the kingdom of God, the vast kingdom of everlasting peace and joy. It is the life principle of creation. She was the driving force behind Mira, Tukaram and Gauranga. Therefore develop pure selfless love. Pure love is a rare commodity. Take care of them slowly. All negative traits such as aversion or prejudice are eliminated. Love is a great purifier of the mind.
When man is enlightened by wisdom, his mind becomes part of Brahman Itself; and he, the wise, burns the fetters of karma with the fire of the knowledge of Brahman.