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The inventor of the vacuum cleaner Melville Bissel in his small workshop would certainly never have dreamed that the floor cleaning would one day be done by a small, flashing device, which is just the size of a plate and the appearance of a hockey puck. But the general store from New York dreamed of a device during the great financial crisis of 1873 that would make carpet care much easier and put an end to the annoying knocking out of the bulky foot flatterers. Three years later he and his wife patented the first "Carpet Sweeper". But he was not the only hard-working tinkerer who dealt with the automatic cleaning of floors from an early age. James Murray Spangler's invention, consisting of a fan, a bag as a filter and a rotating brush, was patented in 1908 as the "Hoover Harness". Even today, Hoover means something like dust sour in English. Until the 1950s, vacuum cleaners were an absolute luxury item and completely unaffordable for the common man. But one thing has not changed since the first functional prototypes: The rapid technical progress and the enthusiasm of engineers to develop ever quieter, more efficient and more compact devices. Although the conventional bag vacuum cleaner is still the most widespread cylinder vacuum cleaner today, there have always been revolutionary changes. Be it the cyclone suction technology of the British developer James Dyson in 1985 or the first autonomous vacuum cleaner robots from iRobot or Siemens from the year 2000. Now especially the economically efficient and modern devices, which often achieve an enormous output with less than 1000 watts, also have it a correspondingly high price in the new acquisition. You can look around for a good, inexpensive device in the Quoka marketplace.

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The countless advertisements on Quoka are mostly used devices with a good price-performance ratio. The new prices for devices from brand manufacturers such as Vorwerk, Miele, Bosch or Dyson are significantly higher than the offers on our classifieds marketplace. The same applies to the large selection of vacuum cleaner accessories. With our filter settings you can determine the price and the area for the search for a vacuum cleaner and thus search for regional offers. In our marketplace you will find an excellent selection of brushes, attachments, bags in all conceivable sizes and makes, as well as filters, filter cartridges or simple flow that you can cut yourself. Compact devices such as hand vacuum cleaners, upholstery care devices and special carpet sweepers are also represented. At Quoka you not only get household appliances, but also kettle vacs for dry dirt and liquids, as they are otherwise only used by professional cleaning companies.

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You bought a vacuum cleaner, but your old device is still in good working order? Then it would be a shame to simply bring it to the recycling center or throw it away. With an advertisement on Quoka you will definitely find a new owner for the vacuum cleaner and you will even make a profit. In contrast to the daily newspaper's advertising market, you can post your offer on Quoka free of charge and without obligation. With a push-up plus or a top placement, your ad will be placed at the top of our overview, thereby increasing the visibility on our classifieds portal. Potential buyers of a device will be aware of your classified ad more quickly. This is how you can quickly get your vacuum cleaner to the man or woman!