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More punch in boxing: how to train properly

Power of punch in boxing: Power of punch is a very important aspect for the martial artist. A single blow can bring the fighter to victory. In self-defense, too, it is necessary to strike quickly and powerfully. But what is the best way to train and increase your punching power?

Anatomy of the arms

In order to get a decent punch, e.g. when boxing, the triceps must be well trained. A good training option is the bench press. In doing so, this arm muscle is particularly challenged. To use the triceps more, the exercise should be performed with a tight grip.

The weight is explosively pushed up through the triceps. If the fighter hits a blow, he must also bring it back. To bring your fist back after a blow you need the biceps. The interaction between the biceps and triceps is required when training punch series.

What is explosive strength training?

Neural activation training

The explosive strength training leads to an improvement in the neuronal activation of the muscles. The repetitions are performed with maximum effort. The resistances must be so great that the recruitment limit is exceeded and at the same time a relatively long activation period for all motor neurons is given. There are also the following intramuscular coordinative effects:

1. the temporal optimization of the activation of the motor units and the frequency, partially also the reduction of inhibitory impulses and

2. the significant increase in the explosive power and the parameters it influences. This results in a reduction in the power deficit.

The right strength training for the arm and leg muscles

In order to specifically train punching power, boxers and martial artists should plan at least three sets of 20 repetitions. The barbell is then pushed up with the appropriate weight as quickly as possible.

Increase in clout

There are various options for strength training to increase your punching power.

Medicine ball poking

Stand with your back to the wall. Your feet stop. The body remains relaxed and not tense. Take a deep breath in and out. Just focus on your arms. Push the medicine ball against the wall by twisting your torso left and right. As you push the ball away, take a deep breath and contract your abs.

The thrust hit explosively as quickly as possible with all the strength. Another option is to stand with your head against the wall and poke the medicine ball against the wall from your chest. Here the heel and the straight punch are simulated. During this exercise, you should make sure that you do not get into the hollow back in the starting position.

To do this, you have to bend your knees a little and pull the abdominal muscles inwards. This exercise must also be completed with maximum strength and maximum speed. Set and repetition definition is: 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.


Pushups are always good for martial artists. But not so many of them must be completed in order to train the clout. Do a maximum of 20 pushups. But these should be carried out so quickly that you almost lift your hands off. So push it out explosively.

The sandbag training

Stand close to the sandbag. Now hit the punching bag from a short distance for about 15-20 seconds with maximum force and maximum speed. The technology does not play a role here. It's more about training the muscles. Beginners can start with short sprints (5-10 seconds). Breathe out again and again while tensing your abdominal muscles. By tensing the abdominal muscles, you are also trained secondarily.

More power is always possible

Many martial artists (e.g. in Taekwondo) claim that there is a maximum of performance when it comes to striking power. So it is claimed that at some point it will no longer be possible to strengthen the clout. But many are mistaken, because the impact has to do with the laws of physics and the laws of movement of the human body.

The faster the impacting mass moves, and the larger the mass, the more impact force. But there are not many martial artists who know how to use the individual body parts in such a way that the speed adds up with as much force as possible and a lot of body weight comes behind the blow. The rule is actually pretty simple.

It's about how you move, when and how you bring your entire body in with explosiveness in the shortest possible time, how you breathe, how your legs stand. Example: When you hit straight, you should not hit with your arm, but with your whole body. The weight always goes into the loft.

Special training for punching power

The best way to increase your punching power is to work the wrong way round. Example: To improve the hitting power of a right straight, you change the display for a lap. So you work as a southpaw and hit with your right as a leading hand instead of a hitting hand.

After doing this for some time, you switch back to your original position and bring the right straight as a punching hand. With this method, both halves of the brain are addressed. Optimal for the sequence of movements, the speed and the explosiveness of the right straight.

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