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Thailand: The Transgender Factory

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The most beautiful women in Thailand, it is said, are mostly men. They are often called ladyboys. Women who were born men. For those who think they were born in the wrong body, there is a wide range of options in Bangkok: high-gloss clinics for wealthy foreigners, in which transgender people can start a new life with a newly adapted gender, for less well-off patients - often locals small backyard operations are an affordable and not entirely harmless alternative.

Tall, long hair, red lips: beautiful, seductive, beguiling. The most beautiful women in Thailand, it is said, are mostly men. And once a year, in the seaside resort of Pattaya, they choose the most beautiful. "I'm so excited," says Tongta, a participant in Miss Tiffany's, who is actually a teacher, "but I'll do my best." Welcome to Miss Tiffany - the beauty pageant for ladyboys and transgender women: women who were born a man. For many who walk down the catwalk right here, the new life began with little glamor - in an operating theater.

Thailand as a transgender country

Litmar del Rosario, born 31 years ago as a man, would like to finally become a woman. Or to put it simply: the penis should decrease. She comes from the Philippines and traveled to Thailand especially for the operation. "I know that the operation cannot be reversed. But that gives me more pleasure. Finally I can show myself as I am. It will be a liberation."

Thailand transgender country. Anyone who thinks they were born in the wrong body comes to Bangkok: from Japan, Russia, the USA, Europe. An operation in the Kamol Hospital costs maybe 8,000 euros. Overseas there are 50,000 or more. In Thailand there are no waiting lists and no stupid questions. Anyone who pays is operated on. At your own risk. But by doctors, who are mostly very experienced and dexterous. "It's like when you want to make a dress out of a pair of trousers," says the surgeon Dr. Kamol. We try to save as much as possible. We cut away what is unusable. And then we make something new out of it. "


The third gender

A man becomes a woman - cheap, fast and deceptively real. An orgasm, for example, is also possible in the future. Unfortunately, children get no. Litmar has been taking female hormones for half of her life. She had her breasts done. Now the doctors should start making a really big cut. "I was different from the other boys when I was 3 or 4 years old. I didn't want a gun, I wanted a Barbie. I wanted to put on make-up. I knew then that I was different."

Half man, half woman. The big show begins at Miss Tiffany's. Transgender people are fighting for recognition and their rights again and again in Thailand. Some slide into prostitution. But they don't have to hide, the so-called Kathoey. You are considered the third gender. When things go well, they work in the cosmetics industry, as models, as actors.

Gender reassignment in the chord

Born as a man, made into a dream woman. With almost all the beauties he somehow put his hand and knife on: chief juror Dr. Thep Vejvisith. "As a juror, I am supposed to evaluate which face really looks feminine. Then the figure: Too fat, too slim, too masculine. Difficult to make the right choice. Everyone looks stunning." With the charm of a tailor's shop: bright lights, patients, crowded on plastic chairs. Here Dr. Thep, one of the most successful cosmetic surgeons in Thailand. For almost 30 years he has been correcting what went wrong in creation - at discount prices. A complete sex change does not even cost him 2,000 euros. He has already implanted 60,000 breasts in his career. "In the whole of Great Britain there are 9,000 such surgeries a year. I do half as many here alone. 4,500. Two of me are enough for the whole of Great Britain.

Breasts in the morning. Afternoon penis and vagina. Dr. Thep rebuilds people in a piecework. Up here under the roof, where the nurses are cleaning the surgical utensils and then they all have dinner together. Green curry with chicken and rice. Right next to it is the operating room. "Some patients say, no, that doesn't work. I'm shit here. My advice then is to go to such an expensive 5-star clinic. But don't make a mistake: the doctor does the operating room, not the pretty building."

Like New born

The big day has come for Litmar del Rosario. She is to be operated on today in the fine Kamol Hospital in Bangkok. She slept badly. Too many thoughts are buzzing through her head. "I kept waking up. But that's normal shortly before such an operation." Litmar goes to the operating room as a man. As a woman, she should leave him again. Dr. Kamol and his colleagues do such operations every day. In addition, everything else a man desires who wants to become a woman: grinding cheekbones, narrowing noses or shoulders, injecting lips, implanting breasts. The operation, which is supposed to change not only the body, but everything in Litmar's life, takes just under four hours. Then everything is over. "My sister, my husband, the carers here, they all congratulated me on my birthday. I was born again. Like a butterfly. A transformation."

Who is the most beautiful butterfly in the whole country? The party reaches its climax in Pattaya: Thailand's new Miss Tiffany is called Mo, a musician who also likes to sing hard rock with a male voice. Above all, everyone here has one great wish: that they should be taken as they are. As a woman as a man, half or whole. No matter. Simply as a person.

A report about a real transgender industry by Philipp Abresch (ARD-Studio Singapore).

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