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The Quora portal is therefore tidy: a clear, finely structured layout, no brightly colored advertising banners, no gaudy colors. Not a rummaging table, but a desk on which everything is carefully arranged. That's exactly what Quora wants to be: well thought out.

The startup was founded in 2009 and went online for the general public in July of last year. Before that, a small select group tested the network in a beta version for six months.

Two co-founders of Quora come from the currently most successful social network, Facebook. Former technical director Adam D'Angelo and manager Charlie Cheever left Facebook to develop the question-and-answer page. They wanted to do a lot better than existing portals and at the same time use what works well for others. In this way they developed a qualitative knowledge community that has potential.

The structure of the start page is similar to that of Facebook. The basis is the follower principle of Twitter - but you don't just follow individual users, but above all topics and questions that interest you. Such questions are basically mini blog entries and are tagged, as is the case with the social bookmarking web service Delicous. Answers can be found using these keywords or a formulated question. The result is a clear, well-structured list.



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Like Wikipedia, Quora insists that members keep the site "clean". Therefore, you can change and add to all the key words of a topic or even the question itself. All questions should be understandable, every new user must first click through a "How do I build a question in Quora on" tutorial several times before they can ask one. Spelling, grammar and punctuation have to be correct - Quora is petty. For example, a question can only be posted if it ends correctly with a question mark. A benefit compared to other question portals that bombard their readers with orthographic adversity.

The clean-up work at Quora is going so well that some questions come in faster " Needs To Be A Complete Sentence "Received as a catchphrase, as an answer. The questions should also be asked in English, otherwise it says" Needs To Be Written In English ". German questions are not deleted, only the answers are a long time coming.

As with Facebook, users should log in to Quora with their real names in order to increase the credibility of the responses. The rating should also ensure quality; every answer can be classified as good or bad - in contrast to Facebook, where there is only praise.