How does a Christian believe in Jesus

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The fact that Jesus rose from the dead is not beyond the imagination, but it is reasonable. That is why the Easter faith has a hard time: Only every second Christian and every second Christian today believes in the resurrection.

However, what the mind cannot analyze is by no means unreal. The fact is that the Easter tale got around and excited many people. Why? Several factors came together.

The fact that God can turn the unloved real rulership on its head gave many people hope: If even death draws the short straw, then a new breakthrough shows up. There were also witnesses. Thomas, for example, one of the closest circle around Jesus, was allowed to put his hands in the wounds of the presumably risen One. And finally, the resurrection catapulted the Jewish itinerant preacher Jesus into a universal and timeless meaning.

In a world of no options for the "little people", Jesus' message of transforming the world into a high-flyer became. It gave many people self-confidence, hope, courage, and gave them a new identity and perspective on life. Over the centuries, it has also repeatedly proven to be the main reason in the struggle for survival, as the Afro-American spirituals testify, for example.

The Easter faith went viral because it brought meaning to a very harsh world. Historically, it is undeniably a recipe for success: Believing in the resurrection “works”. How useful is it to reject a proven concept for coping with life just because you cannot prove everything that is behind it?

Being a Christian does not depend on whether one agrees with all the truths of faith. What matters is a living relationship with Jesus Christ, with his work and speech. Questions and hurdles are okay. One should only strive to open up inaccessible terrain.