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B2B influencer in 30 days: This guy generated 1.5 million views on Quora

On Quora, users answer questions from other users - and mostly promote their own projects and companies at the same time. A marketer managed to generate almost 1.5 million views and thousands of newsletter subscribers with his answers in 30 days. We show how the Growth Hack works at Quora and how you can use the platform.

Quora was founded in 2009 by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. At the start, the founders invite, for example, AOL founder Steve Case and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz to answer questions from other users. This gives the site a professional look - unlike Yahoo Answers or Gutefrage.net.

The founders want the portal to be understood more as reverse blogging, the answers are usually as long as blog entries, the users follow each other or subscribe to topics that interest them. The principle of the high-quality question-and-answer page seems to be working. According to estimates by the statistics tool Similar Web, Quora has 330 million visits per month; according to its own information, 1.5 million people use the platform per month. In three investment rounds, the founders were able to collect over 140 million US dollars - including from Benchmark (investments in Facebook, Instagram, Ebay) and Tiger Global Management (invested in Airbnb, among others).

Land in the feed of the Quora users

In just 30 days, Charles Chu managed to generate 1.5 million views for his answers via Quora. The young American runs a blog and sends out a newsletter. Here he mostly philosophizes about success and gives marketing tips. He earns some money on the side with the publishing project (through affiliate income through book recommendations), the rest of the time he works as a freelancer.

But how could this guy generate so many views? The first step: answer questions and thus create content. Chu has two goals: He wants to reach as many people as possible and in areas that match his expertise. So he's looking for topics that many Quora users follow. The trend topic “Self-Improvement”, for example, has almost a million followers, “Digital Marketing” has 350,000. Users can also follow individual questions on a second level. If a question is answered, the followers of the question and the topic area receive the answer in their Quora feed. So if you answer popular questions on popular topics, you end up in many news feeds.

Charles Chu's Quora Statistics

At the same time, it's helpful to rank as high up as possible with an answer. Quora weights this ranking of the answers according to the number of "upvotes" (comparable to likes on Facebook) and the views. The further up, the higher the chance of being read. The quality of the post is therefore absolutely crucial, and it is important that it is well received by other Quora users. But if an answer lands in the top one percent of the comments to a question, the content remains prominently placed for a very long time.

Generate more views on Quora with little tricks

But in order for the post to get views and upvotes, the users also have to read the answer. Chu recommends using pictures. His answer without a picture was upvoted in four months during the first test, and his post with a picture was upvoted to 1,000 upvotes in four days. In addition, the first line of the text is extremely important - just like in news reports. According to Chu, the first line should promise added value, tell a story and show the author's knowledge (e.g. with a statistic).

Different design of Quora articles

According to Chu, Quora answers only go really viral if the upvote ratio is right. The upvotes should always be numerically more than two percent in relation to the views. Otherwise, Quora won't show the post to new users. Chu recommends taking a polarizing position with a clear opinion for many upvotes, writing fewer than 250 words, bold headings and keywords and offering users special added value - be it with expertise or personal experience.

Conversion as a big goal

In order to turn the many views into customers, you have to direct the user to your own page. Chu himself has long relied on a descriptive text at the end of his posts in which he describes and links his blog. But with a click through rate (CTR) of less than one percent, he had to come up with something. He now uses several teasers in the text to point out added value on his website. He then sends his readers directly to a landing page with an email sign-up and, according to his own statements, has won over 30,000 newsletter subscribers.

Regardless of the conversion, Quora can also help with brand building. After all, you can show your expertise, and thus that of your own brand, with simple answers. This is also the reason why so many marketers and startup founders are on the platform. Founder and investor Michael Wolfe (formerly Benchmark Capital) answered almost 2,000 questions on Quora. Marketing grenade Gary Vaynerchuk wrote 55 posts and generated over 400,000 views.

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