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"There is no way of thinking about continued existence. The bank must be liquidated," emphasized Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) at a press conference on Wednesday. The country is now setting up hotlines for those affected.

Many companies and private individuals would "most likely lose a lot of money at the end of the day as a result of the accounting scandal," said Doskozil.

A hotline will be set up both in the state government and in the Burgenland economy (WiBuG), which will be available to private individuals and companies. In addition, a lawyer will be hired who will offer free legal advice.

The state has a business relationship with the Commerzialbank through Energie Burgenland. "This is an investment of five million euros."

The amount of the damage is currently not foreseeable. However, the financial market supervisory authority informed him that the situation was "dramatic," said the governor.

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Outrage in Burgenland state politics

The accounting scandal surrounding the commercial bank Mattersburg caused outrage in Burgenland state politics on Wednesday. In addition to governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ), FPÖ economics spokesman Alexander Petschnig was "shaken". ÖVP state party chairman Christian Sagartz spoke of a "shock for all those affected".

It now needs full education as well as security and a perspective for those affected, said Sagartz. "The country must do everything possible to avert damage to the business location." In any case, the financial market supervisory authority "acted decisively and thus prevented greater damage," said the ÖVP state party chairman.

Petschnig emphasized that the Commerzialbank, as an investor in the district capital Mattersburg and at SV Mattersburg, had established an "important position in regional economic and business life". "I can't believe that all of this was built on sand and - should the allegations prove - only possible through unfair business practices," he said. The victims are now sometimes "the thousands of customers who have entrusted the bank with hundreds of millions of euros," said Petschnig.

Continuation of business operations prohibited

On July 14, 2020, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) prohibited the continuation of business operations with immediate effect with a mandate decision from Commerzialbank Mattersburg im Burgenland AG (Commerzialbank).

Energie Burgenland is worried about a single-digit million amount

The balance sheet scandal at Mattersburger Commerzialbank and a possible liquidation of the bank will probably cost Energie Burgenland a single-digit million amount. The energy supplier has invested part of the daily allowances at the Burgenland commercial bank Mattersburg.

"Subject to further developments, Energie Burgenland AG assumes that a larger part of this money will not be collectible, which is why it will have an extraordinary negative earnings effect of at most medium for its 2019/20 financial year ending on September 30, 2020 single-digit million amount expected, "said Burgenland Holding AG on Wednesday afternoon in a broadcast. The result of Burgenland Holding is largely determined by the result of Energie Burgenland, in which it holds 49 percent.

More than 400 million euros of covered deposits are in the Mattersburger Commerzialbank, which was shaken by a balance sheet scandal and which was prohibited from operating on Wednesday night by the Financial Market Authority (FMA). The deposit insurance is already active, the deposit insurance case has already occurred. Credit balances on accounts and savings books of up to EUR 100,000 per customer and per bank are secured.


Mattersburg-Bank shocks with allegedly bogus loans

The state of Burgenland promised broad support to those affected by the accounting scandal surrounding Commerzialbank Mattersburg on Wednesday. In order to enable customers to quickly open an account with another bank, their branches are extending their opening hours, announced Governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ).

The governor is also shocked: "Due to a huge fraud, a lot of personal fates are negatively influenced. I have spoken to people who have invested all their savings at the bank and who have cried," said Doskozil. The public prosecutor's office for business and corruption is now called upon to clear up the case "with the utmost rigor and with the utmost severity". The country will do its part.

There is a suspicion that "fantasy credits were invented", so Doskozil. From CEO Martin Pucher he was "personally deeply disappointed. For me personally it was a shock. I would never have thought that this man would commit such a crime," emphasized Doskozil. Pucher could "not even imagine what he did with it. That cannot be described in words in and of itself," said the governor.

All customers of Mattersburg Bank should "open a new account with another bank as soon as possible," emphasized Doskozil. The branches of Bank Burgenland and Erste Bank in Mattersburg will therefore probably extend their opening times for the next two weeks until 6:00 p.m.

According to the governor, two legal advisors will also be on site at Bank Burgenland. A representative of Einlagensicherung Austria GmbH will also come to Mattersburg tomorrow, Thursday. A list of customers is created and an overview is drawn up.

The banking ombudsman's office that has been set up can be reached by private individuals on 057 / 600-2465. The Burgenland economy (WiBuG) is available for affected entrepreneurs under the number 059010-210. According to Doskozil, the department for state planning, security, communities and economics in the state government will advise the affected communities.

Specifically, there were branches of the Commerzialbank in nine municipalities. Over 50 employees are employed there. 250 employees of the state government who receive their salaries through the Mattersburg Bank are also affected.

The guards turned on the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office. According to reports, the suspicion is based on previous knowledge of balance sheet falsification and breach of trust. The presumption of innocence applies to all parties involved.

Viennese tech company Frequentis is concerned about 31 million euros

The listed Viennese technology company Frequentis is one of the major customers of Mattersburger Commerzialbank, which was shaken by an accounting scandal. As of today, Frequentis has deposits of around EUR 31 million in the Burgenland money house, which is now being liquidated, the company said on Wednesday. The statutory deposit insurance only applies up to 100,000 euros for savers.

"Frequentis is monitoring the situation very closely and evaluating all measures to protect your rights," says the company that offers systems for secure communication. "As of June 30, 2020, the Frequentis Group had deposits of more than EUR 56 million with other banks." The money lies in banks in Austria as well as in other European countries as well as in Asia and America.

According to the governor of Burgenland, Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ), Mattersburger Commerzialbank is to be liquidated. Many companies and private individuals would "most likely lose a lot of money at the end of the day" as a result of the accounting scandal, the politician said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Immediately after becoming aware of the upheavals at Mattersburg-Bank, Frequentis checked for possible effects: none of this has any influence on the operative business. "The operational business at Frequentis continues to the usual extent. Despite the corona crisis, we are fully occupied with orders," says CFO Sylvia Bardach.


Mattersburg Bank at the end: justice switched on

In Austria, the banking supervisory authority has closed a small bank again. The Commerzialbank Mattersburg im Burgenland AG has to cease operations. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) has completely prohibited the "Commerzialbank Mattersburg im Burgenland AG" from continuing its business operations. A government commissioner was also immediately appointed.

The government commissioner is the auditor Bernhard Mechtler. The decision, which was announced on Wednesday night, took effect immediately. The bank once operated as Raiffeisenbank Schattendorf and left the Raiffeisen sector in the mid-1990s.

The head of the small regional bank, Martin Pucher, is also the club manager of SV Mattersburg.

Suspicion of falsification of accounts and breach of trust

At the Burgenland Commerzialbank Mattersburg, irregularities, which have now become apparent during an on-site check by the bank auditors, then moved very quickly. The CEO Martin Pucher resigned his job immediately after an initial survey yesterday. There should also be a voluntary disclosure.

The guards turned on the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

According to reports, the suspicion is based on previous knowledge of balance sheet falsification and breach of trust.

Customers of the small bank (total assets: around EUR 800 million) do not have to worry about their secured savings, an FMA spokesman pointed out on Wednesday that deposits of up to EUR 100,000 per person (also for small businesses) are secured.

Deposit insurance event occurred immediately

More than 400 million euros in covered deposits are in the Mattersburger Commerzialbank. The deposit insurance is already active, the deposit insurance case has already occurred. You don't have to wait for a bank to go bankrupt, according to the APA.

As the Financial Market Authority announced on Wednesday morning, the deposit insurance case was triggered by the FMA's suspension of payments (prohibition of continuing business operations).

Even with this, no further deposits, withdrawals or transfers are possible in the bank.

The statutory deposit insurance takes over for the disbursements of deposits.

Einlagensicherung Austria GmbH has to pay out secured credit balances (current accounts, salary accounts, student accounts, pension accounts, savings accounts and savings accounts, securities clearing accounts and building society contracts) within 15 working days up to the legally fixed maximum amount.

Deposits including interest of up to EUR 100,000 per depositor and bank are secured.

As announced today, the deposit insurance is already in contact with the bank. Prepare to process the payout.

Affected depositors can also contact the deposit insurance by phone or email: Phone: +43 (1) 533 98 03-0, via email: [email protected]

The Commerzialbank Mattersburg case is already with the judiciary. A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office for business and corruption confirmed the receipt of the report by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) in the morning.

As reported, a review of the bank had previously identified accounting irregularities.

Lawyers were brought in

On the part of Wess Kux Kispert & Eckert Rechtsanwälte GmbH, it has meanwhile been announced that Martin Pucher has entrusted the cause: “Mr. Martin Pucher is interested in a comprehensive and complete clarification of the investigating authorities. Mr. Martin Pucher resigned from his position in the bank yesterday and will leave his other board functions immediately. Also with regard to his functions in SV Mattersburg, Mr. Martin Pucher will immediately ensure an orderly handover. "