You can have shoes dry-cleaned

10 tips to remove shoe odor (infographic)

We wear them every day, but they hardly ever wash them: our shoes. So it's no wonder that they take on a musty smell over time. With these ten remedies you can neutralize unpleasant smells.

1. Remove odor in the washing machine

The simplest solution for insensitive sports and fabric shoes is to wash them in the washing machine. Choose a wash cycle with low temperature and spin speed and add some towels as insulation if necessary. It is best to remove shoelaces and other applications before washing. What is important is the shoesair dry, because both the heater and the dryer could cause deformation or even damage.

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2. Remove the smell of sweat from shoes by freezing them

The smell of shoes is often caused by bacteria that are stuck inside, where it is damp. To kill them and thus remove the odor from the shoes, it helps to put them in the freezer. Pack the shoes with it in a sealable plastic bag or a bag that you seal with elastic bands and leave them at least 24 hours in the cold. That should neutralize the smell. For better chances of success, you can additionally baking powder fill in an old sock and put it inside.

3. Eliminate shoe odor with baking soda

Baking powder is a real all-rounder in the household, which also works well with musty shoes. Either fill the powder directly into the shoe or fill it up in old socks around. Depending on the intensity of the smell, the baking soda should several hours to days act.

4. Get rid of bad shoe odor with coffee

Freshly brewed coffee exudes an intoxicating smell. But not only does it smell good itself, it can also remove odors. You can pour the coffee in powder or bean form (on kitchen paper as a mat) into your shoes and let it work for a few hours. This should help get rid of the shoe odor. The trick is especially effective when you put the shoes on Close airtight in a plastic bag.

5. Neutralize odor in shoes with lemon peel

Lemon peel act like a natural deodorant for your musty shoes. Simply place the shells directly inside the shoe and let them develop their odor-neutralizing effect overnight. The trick also works with orange peel.

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6. Remove stench from shoes with tea bags

Like coffee, tea also has an odor-binding effect. So when you have a few fresh (unused) tea bags left over, fill your shoes with them and give them a couple of hours to work. You should get tea bags then do not use it anymore.

7. If the shoes stink: cat litter

Cat litter can prove to be very effective at removing the stink from shoes. Just fill the shoes with the litter and wait several hours or days when the smell is particularly intense.

8. Sawdust against musty shoe odor

If you have sawdust at home, you can use it as a natural odor remover use for his shoes. It is best to fill this into an old sock so that no scratchy residue is left behind. The sawdust should stay in the shoes for several hours to be able to develop their effect.

9. Remove odor from shoes with baby powder

Powder the inside of your shoes with baby powder to neutralize stuck odors. You can remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner after use.

10. Do shoes stink of sweat? Soap helps

The good old hand soap not only removes odors from your hands, but can also help you with bad shoe odors. Put to this one piece at a time in the stinking shoes and let the whole thing work for several hours. Preferably put a piece of kitchen paper underneathso that the soap does not leave a slippery film on the sole.

Bonus tip: remove shoe odor with steam

A steam cleaner makes cleaning easier for you in many ways. This can be used to clean radiators or make window frames shine again, among other things. But it is also efficient against odors, especially the hot steam Kills bacteria in the shoe. Hold the jet into the shoe for a few seconds so that it doesn't get too wet. Then the inside must dry out well. The best way to do this is to fill the shoe with kitchen paper and set it up to dry in the fresh air. Beware of easily deformable shoes: These can shrink after steaming. If you don't have a steam cleaner at home, you can boil some water with a few squirts of lemon juice in a saucepan and keep the shoe briefly in the hot steam. Protect your hands with oven or rubber gloves.

Can you remove shoe odor with petroleum ether?

This YouTuber recommends the use of petrol against shoe odor. To do this, he soaks cotton balls with the cleaning fluid and places them in his shoes. However, as petroleum ether is very irritating and has a pungent odor, this tip can only be recommended to a limited extent. In any case, you should remove the shoes after such a treatment Wash out with clear water and ventilate welluntil the smell of petroleum ether clears.

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