In which illness is the SGPT increased

GPT (glutamate pyruvate transaminase) or ALAT

The doctor can use the liver values ​​GPT or ALAT to tell whether the liver function is disturbed.

GPT is the abbreviation for glutamate pyruvate transaminase, the newer name for the protein is alanine aminotransferase, abbreviated to ALAT.

The enzyme is mainly found in the liver cells. If there is liver damage (for example from alcohol or poisons) or if the organ is inflamed, the enzyme increasingly passes into the blood plasma and can be detected there.

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When to determine the GPT value

A check of the GPT as part of preventive examinations is not yet planned, the so-called liver check is only paid by the health insurance companies if there are corresponding complaints and there is a suspicion of liver damage. The blood is also examined for the GPT value in the case of biliary diseases and if a heart attack is suspected.

The value is measured in blood plasma or in serum. As a rule, the three other values ​​(GOT, AP, GGT) are also determined as part of the laboratory test, as their combination enables a more precise assessment. Specialists demand that the liver check be included in the preventive medical check-ups. In this way, liver diseases could be detected much earlier and countermeasures taken.

Normal values: reference range for GPT

Normal values ​​are between 10 and 35 U / l (units per liter) for women and between 10 and 50 U / l for men. Important to know: Depending on the laboratory, different reference values ​​are given that must be taken into account when interpreting the measured values.

Causes of an increased GPT / ALAT value

In diseases of the liver such as liver cirrhosis, inflammation (for example) and tumors of the organ, the GPT value is increased. But some clinical pictures of the bile can also lead to an increased value. Certain medications or a heart attack can also cause high ALAT levels.

How strong that GPT value increased allows conclusions to be drawn about possible diseases:

GPT valuepossible illness
very much increased (up to 20 times)
  • acute hepatitis
  • severe liver damage (from medication, fungal toxins)
increased values ​​(from five times)
  • severe chronic inflammation of the liver
  • Inflammation of the biliary tract
slightly increased values ​​(one to five times)
  • chronic inflammation of the liver
  • Liver damage from alcohol abuse, medication
  • Fatty liver
  • Liver tumors

What can be the causes of a too low GPT (ALAT) value?

A GPT or ALAT value below the normal range has no medical significance and is therefore not used in the interpretation of blood values.

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