What was your most embarrassing situation

Embarrassing situations are part of life and provide one or the other joke for life. But that also includes everyday mishapsthat we are all too familiar with because they have happened to all of us before, if not several times. We should by no means be ashamed of such situations, because the nice thing about them is that they keep reminding us that we are only human after all.

1. Auto correction

We're pretty sure autocorrect hates us sometimes. Because exactly when we are writing to our crush or someone else we would like to score points with, our cell phone decides "I come", "I come naked" to make or convert "karaoke" into catalogs, catapults or cockroaches. Just wonderful, right?

2. Push, not pull

Ah yes, the classic! Actually, it's not that embarrassing when you push on a door, even though it is on it "PULL" is written in big and bold letters, then several more people standing in line, rolling their eyes and looking at the spectacle - oh so that. Yes, yes. It's pretty embarrassing.

3. Wrong screenshot

He finally asked if you wanted to go on a date with him? Of course, you can't just answer him like that. First you have to take a screenshot of the message and this has to be in the group chat with your girls. After all, you have to write an answer together. It's just stupid that you have the screenshot with the text "OMG, he finally asked! What should I answer?", not to your girls, but send to him. Yes, the best thing to do is to throw the phone away completely.

4. The "Happy Birthday" song moment

That embarrassing moment when you sit at the table in front of the cake and everyone around is singing "Happy Birthday" out loud. Why is this situation so uncomfortable and what should you do? Just grin, sing along, look at the ceiling or just run away? Help!!!

5. Nod even though nothing is understood

What to do if you have already asked twice because you did not understand the person acoustically and it doesn't work the third time either? Just nod, smile and hope inwardly that you can quickly steer the conversation in another direction so that there are no questions. Fortunately, this remains our own embarrassing secret.

6. Run against a glass door

Oh, there was something. Glass! The pain that our face may feel after the impact is of secondary importance. Inwardly Let's all hope that nobody saw us doing it, but then see a confused face on the other side of the glass door. Embarrassing!

7. Walk in the same direction after saying goodbye

That brief embarrassing silence after saying goodbye to someone and then walking in the same direction. For people who are introverted, I guess that is THE most embarrassing situation ever. What is the best thing to do now? Either you go straight ahead or you grin nicely at the person, you laugh unpleasantly and continue your conversation. Either way: It remains an embarrassing situation and you have to postpone listening to music with your headphones by a few minutes.

8. Tripping

There is certainly no person who has never stumbled or fallen on their four letters. Even so, such a situation can be pretty embarrassing when it is then there is an audience. What we do in such a situation: just smile and "all good" say. Always works.

9. Wave to the wrong person

Awwwkward! You see a person waving to you from afar and you wave back. It could be that it is an old friend. Or maybe not. The closer you get to each other, the more you realize that you are dealing with a complete stranger. The person who was actually waved to is just behind you. Oops.

10. Laugh in an awkward situation

There is silence, everyone is serious, but you have to do that now, of all times thinking funny memes with the dog and laughing out loud. Congratulation! All eyes are on you and you won't really explain the situation to others anyway. Happens!

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