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Update: the 15 best podcasts for design and architecture fans

These podcasts make us sit up and take notice: 15 audio magazines that provide an insight into the world of thought and work of renowned designers, artists and studios.

The podcast has long been a dense playground for actors from a wide variety of design disciplines. Audio magazines appear around the world that allow us to delve deeper into the cosmos of art, architecture and design with reports, studio portraits and interviews. That is why we show you our current favorite podcasts, which invite you to discover the history of design and art, the creation of furniture classics, style trends and designer biographies.

Photo: 99percent invisible

1. "99% Invisible"

The podcast "99% Invisible", which appears several times a week, is dedicated to the parts of the design work that usually remain hidden. And also convinces with stories about everyday objects, style phenomena, fashion, new technologies and design history.

2. "Architecture and the world"

In “Architecture and World”, selected guests from the world of architecture will discuss design and construction, taking a look at both the past and the future. With varied perspectives, the podcast shows what moves the scene in the field of tension between society, politics and the environment.

3. "Clever"

The founders of the blog design-milk.com are now packing their rich experience on the subject of design in a podcast: In “Clever”, creatives of all facets - including designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Ini Archibong and Lee Broom - have their say and offer insights into their careers , Inspirations and projects.

4. "Archispeak"

Even in the title of the “Archispeak” podcast, the creators hint with a wink that the profession speaks its own language. In informal discussions, the podcast seeks to unravel the complex world of architecture, its tools, luminaries and modern challenges.

Photo: Matthias Gieselmann

5. "Form radio"

How do you give form to communication? How do you weigh the balance between content and aesthetics? In the “Formfunk” podcast, the listener visits graphic designers such as Stefan Sagmeister or Erik Spiegerkmann and accompanies them in their work on projects ranging from font design, photography and app design.

6. "NeoCon"

From 1969 the design and manufacturer conference "Neo Conversations" established itself in Chicago as an important platform for the design industry. Since the middle of the year, the organizers of the trade fair have been making experiences from almost 50 years available as a “NeoCon” podcast, discussing questions of sustainability in interior design and how furnishings influence well-being in new areas of work and life.

Photo: Tobias Van Schneider

7. "Nice To Meet You"

In his podcast show “Nice To Meet You”, designer Tobias Van Schneider talks to founders, artists, advertisers and creative people about their projects, business ideas and the crucial role design plays in the development of their companies and products.

8. "The Design Files Talks"

In the podcast of the blog “The Design Files” you can familiarize yourself with the creative scene Down Under, “The Design File Talks” takes the listener into the world of work and thoughts of Australian designers and their worldwide projects between food design and anti -Disposable products and interior design in reality TV format.

9. "Monocle On Design"

Monocle has always dedicated its publications to current world events in culture, politics, society and their border areas. The medium is no stranger to design either, and in its “Monocle On Design” podcast it addresses a wide range of topics such as material trends, the emergence of the Frankfurt kitchen or the question of what constitutes a design capital.

10. "Smow: Easy Living"

Experience reports: Smow is best known as a seller of designer furniture. Smow has now packed the passion for interiors and the history behind classics and new releases into a podcast: "Easy Living" follows the development of the midcentury style or explores the inspiration behind Scandinavian design classics.

11. "Design Matters"

The scope design can have and how it matures from the concept to the finished product can be heard in “Design Matters”. Through interviews with designers, artists, curators and authors, the podcast offers a broad insight into modern creative culture worldwide.

12. "The Chaise Lounge"

The podcast “The Chaise Lounge” clearly focuses on the working reality of interior designers. In addition to project descriptions and studio portraits, the podcast also brings the business side of the discipline to the table and in its episodes also puts consultants, entrepreneurs and designers on the chaise longue.

13. "Raw Materials Three Ways"

In addition to its print editions, the interior design magazine “Dwell” publishes its podcast “Raw Materials Three Ways” six times a year. Each episode deals with a certain material and how this, in different variations, can influence interior projects and the interplay of space, light and furniture. So far, zinc and wood have been part of the game.

14. "Last Lakes"

Those who can tolerate a little more tension in the current situation do not necessarily have to sit at the scene of the crime: “Last Seen”, the art world's crime podcast follows the traces of the greatest and most fascinating art crimes in history - all of which are based on true events. So, unpack the microwave popcorn and open your ears!

15. "Hyperallergic"

The New York online forum “Hyperallergic”, which has existed since 2009, discusses the latest topics from the art world in its podcast - without contriving itself. The influence of COVID-19 on the scene is examined, the relationship between law and art in modern times is discussed, and exciting artists are presented. With the help of experts, the topics are viewed in a well-founded but playful manner - and from ever new perspectives.