What is the best bushcraft ax

The 3 best survival axes (introduction + pictures)

Survival axes are all-rounders and practical companions in your free time.

Whether camping, hiking and trekking or gardening - you are always well equipped with an ax like this.

But what makes a good survival ax?

What are the properties of the blade and handle?

Which materials are used?

I will answer all of these questions now and you will know afterwards why these axes are so good.

Fiskars universal ax X7 - handy companion for all situations

Fiskars universal ax, including blade and transport protection, length: 35.5 cm, non-stick coating, high-quality steel blade / glass fiber reinforced plastic handle, black / orange, X7-XS, 1015618

  • Universal ax (total length: 35.5 cm) for splitting small logs and kindling < 7="" cm="" für="" den="" kamin,="" ofen,="" grill="" oder="" das="">
  • Extra sharp blade made of double hardened steel with high quality outer coating, perfect balance between ax head and handle for an efficient swing and energy-saving splitting
  • Durable handle made of weather-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, high security thanks to the permanent connection of ax head and handle, firm hold thanks to innovative, non-slip handle with 3D structure and hook-shaped handle end
  • Made in Finland, high durability, easy regrinding of the ax with the ax sharpener available separately

The universal ax X7 from Fiskars is 35.5 cm long and has a weight of 640 grams.

This handy length and low weight are the first important features of a good survival ax.

Thanks to these features, you can use the Fiskars X7 with both one as well as with both hands to operate powerfully.

The blade is out high quality steel with a hardness of 55 HRC (Rockwell hardness, maximum hardness 70 HRC). This makes them durable and insensitive. The blade has a wide shape and therefore has a wide range of uses.

Thanks to the sharpness, hardness and shape of its ax head, you can work with chopping and wood with the X7. In addition, the blade of this ax has a Non-stick coating and thereby reduced friction in the wood. This makes all work with the ax much easier.

Another important aspect is the handle. Precise work can only be carried out with little effort if the ax is easy to grip and you don't slip.

The X7 has a durable and light handle made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass.

The handle has a non-slip surface and is ergonomically shaped. So the ax lies comfortably and securely in the hand for all work.

The head and shaft cannot be separated on the X7. It is particularly stiff and has a high power transmission when chopping.

At the same time, the weight distribution between the handle and the handle is balanced. This also contributes to good handiness.

With the price of approx. 35 euros With the Fiskars X7 you get a well-engineered and high-quality survival ax that will serve you well in all situations.

The Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin: No rocket science, but a versatile survival ax

The Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin is one with just under 40 cm a medium-sized survival ax with a relatively low weight of 680 grams.

From stainless steel existing and satined blade has a Degree of hardness of 52 RC.

It has a straight and wide cutting edge on one side and a thorn-like shape on the other. A wide range of work is possible with either a wide blade or a point-shaped spike.

The handle of the Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. This makes it very stiff and fits comfortably in the hand for a wide variety of applications.

A metal knob at the end of the handle is suitable for hammer work.

The multifunctional blade together with the metal knob and the small size make the SOG Voodoo Mini Satin a real one Multifunction tool in the survival area.

Splitting wood, chopping holes or hammering in nails - with the Voodoo Mini none of this is a lazy magic, but very easy.

The price of about 70 euros is not too high for this versatile quality ax, and the Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin will serve you well for a long time.

The wilderness hatchet from Gränfors Bruks - durability and top quality

The Gränfors Bruks wilderness hatchet is included 36 cm length and tight 630 grams Weight a handy lightweight among survival axes.

Visually, this survival ax works through its Wooden handle and the dark blade rustic and robust. Stand by the materials used sustainability, longevity and high quality in the foreground.

The handle is made of durable Hickory wood. This is particularly strong and flexible. It is ergonomically shaped and offers a secure and comfortable hold when gripping, even with stretched arms.

What I really like: The steel for the sharp blade is made entirely from recycled scrap metal.

The blade has a wide cutting edge and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications.

Overall, the ax is very well balanced in terms of weight distribution and allows flexible handling.

The blade guard made of plant-tanned leather is a special detail.

With the wild market hatchet from Gränfors Bruks you are not only purchasing a durable and long-lasting survival ax, but also a product that is sustainably and environmentally friendly.

The Gränfors Bruks wilderness hatchet is included just over 100 euros not very cheap, but impresses with its special look and durability.

The name Gränfors Bruks has stood for traditional Swedish axes of absolute top quality for over 100 years.

In addition, with the purchase of the wild market hatchet you are making a valuable contribution to sustainable and conscious consumption.


Survival axes should be handy and not too heavy, have a wide range of uses and do their job reliably.

In my opinion, all three axes presented are great for survival use.

Depending on your personal taste, you can choose the Gränfors Bruks traditional ax from Sweden, the multifunctional wonder from SOG or the sophisticated and high-quality X7 from Fiskars.

With all three axes, the next trip into the wild is guaranteed to be a success.

Reading tip: Are you still looking for the best bushcraft knife? Then take a look at my bushcraft knife top list and you are guaranteed to find it.

My questions to you:

Are you going to get one of the three axes?

Or is there any other ax you can recommend?

How do you like the guide?

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