Is age important for sex?

Sex in old age : Yes, the desire remains

Mr. Beier, even the term “age sexuality” is controversial. Critics see this as stigmatizing old people. Much more often, however, there is no talk about sex in old age. And younger people believe that sexual needs disappear with age. Do men and women aged 65 and over still have sex?

Yes. When partnerships exist, around a third still have sexual intercourse. However, with decreasing coitus frequency. But it is not advisable to reduce sexuality to sexual intercourse; physical closeness and tenderness are a significant source of satisfaction. Intimacy is just as important to old people as it is to young people. In old age, however, the likelihood of no partner rises, especially for women, because men have a lower life expectancy.

So the desire remains?

Yes, without a doubt. Studies show that for only a few old people, sexuality has completely lost its importance. And this proportion falls again when an expanded understanding of intimacy is used. This is understandable because we humans are programmed to bond and closeness, acceptance, security and security are basic psychosocial needs. Conversely, quite a few people, especially women, associate many negative things with sexuality - for example, if they were previously victims of sexual trauma. Confidence in the success of relationships can then be shaken into old age.

Some feel too old for sex?

Restrictions in sexual functions very often play a role. This is the norm with increasing age: the aging man needs more intense stimulation for an erection, the rigidity is usually less, everything takes longer. This also applies to aging women: the vagina loses its ability to stretch, the blood flow becomes weaker and it takes longer for it to become moist. In addition, there may be complaints from pelvic floor weakness and uterine subsidence. In addition, it can lead to urine loss during sex - which can lead to feelings of shame and considerable stress.

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