Parents find their children ugly

Hand on heart: did you find your baby ugly?

Most mothers and fathers describe the moment when they hold their own child in their hands for the first time as the happiest and most beautiful of their lives. For the first time you see your own child, and maybe you discover similarities with yourself, your partner, your grandparents. And some parents may also see a not-so-pretty baby. Newborns often have red skin, are wrinkled, sticky, and sometimes have a slightly misshapen skull. Even if all of this is medically normal, all of this is often not conducive to the beauty of babies.

Are All Babies Beautiful?

Beauty shouldn't play a role at this moment - but there is often the social pressure to always have to find your own child beautiful. If you don't feel that way at that moment, your parents may be unsettled. A study by Brock University in Canada shows that it is actually not uncommon for newborns not to be pretty. According to this, adults find the faces of babies most attractive after about six months. The researchers cited the older babies' better chances of survival as the reason for this. For users "desperate", beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

"Working-class child" believes in the power of hormones:

"hacki67" doesn't think it's any different with their own children:

Hand on heart: did you think your baby was pretty?

What was that not so pretty about your baby? Did you immediately see that your baby is not beautiful, or did you only discover it looking back on photos? Why is the subject such a big taboo? (haju, October 31, 2018)