How do I write a questionnaire

After the interview: Inquiries by email - a sample

Think carefully about how you want to express yourself, after all, you are still in the application phase. So when you ask after the interview, pay attention to the wording. If you seem too impatient or unfriendly, you can ruin everything before. In order not to make a mistake, you should on the one hand make it clear to yourself why you are asking at all and on the other hand don't forget the perspective of the other person. In any case it applies to stay friendly and polite.

Of course you would like to receive an answer straight away, but a job will certainly be even more important to you - and we are happy to wait for that. So don't push for a decision, but rather inquire about the state of affairs and further planning. So you put your interest in the foreground and not the intention to get your way or even to express your frustration.

What you should express, however, is Understanding for the other: There are many possible reasons why you haven't received an answer yet. A lot of stress in the department or a delayed selection process are more likely than you think. This insight also gives you information about how to write the follow-up letter: namely, briefly.

Get to the point quickly and clearly state what you want to know. This makes it easy for the recipient to reply. A dissolute e-mail, which may contain several paragraphs, will be postponed until later and may then be forgotten. However, if you can answer the request within a few minutes, you tend to do it directly.

When wording the e-mail is also the Subject important: Make it as easy as possible for the recipient and formulate the line so that the email can be clearly assigned to your application. In turn, in the body of the text you relate directly to the interview. So it can make sense to briefly address specific points from the interview again. This proves paying attention and gives the recipient another clue as to whose message they are dealing with.