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CJD prepares Braunschweig's first secondary school

The school landscape in Braunschweig is getting even more colorful: The Christian Youth Village Association (CJD) and wants to start the city-wide first secondary school next summer.

Oberschulen, a combination of secondary and secondary schools, have only existed in Lower Saxony for eight years. The CDU in the city council had recently applied for the amalgamation of Braunschweig secondary and secondary schools to form secondary schools, but was unable to enforce this for the time being. The city is now getting a high school anyway - albeit a privately owned high school.

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The school has been applied for at the state school authority. The approval is not yet available. Kirk Chamberlain, General Manager CJD Lower Saxony South-East: “There is a close exchange with the authority. I see no reason why the approval should not be granted. "

CJD is investing more than 3 million euros in the new school

The plan is to start with one or two fifth grades next summer. A maximum of 24 students are accepted per class. The school is to be accommodated in the former girls' house of the CJD boarding school in Georg-Westermann-Allee - i.e. in the immediate vicinity of the Christophorusgymnasium. The girls' house is being completely renovated and rebuilt and an additional floor is to be added. “The building permit is available. We can now start the renovation, ”said Chamberlain. In order not to disrupt ongoing school operations, the largest construction phases should take place during the holidays. The CJD is investing more than three million euros in the renovation.

Ulrike Ewe, who started teaching physics, math and computer science at the CJD in 2000, will be the head of the new secondary school. For the last few years she has been on the board of the employee representatives.

Registrations for the secondary school are now being accepted. At the “Christophorusmarkt” of the CJD next Friday, headmaster Ulrike Ewe will advise interested parents and students (see fact box). In order for the school to be approved, at least twelve preliminary contracts are required. Of course, the school can only make firm commitments once it has been approved.

The tuition fee for the private school is 525 euros per month - tax-deductible. Private schools do not receive any financial support from the state for the first three years after their establishment. “There are exceptions for high schools. We hope so and have applied for financial aid from the first year, ”says Chamberlain, referring to the possibility of applying for a scholarship.

Actually, the CJD wanted to start earlier with high school. "With the establishment of the international daycare center and the move of the boarding school to the St. Leonhard quarter, we had so much to do that it was simply not possible to handle another major project in terms of personnel," explains the general manager. Therefore, the ripcord was pulled and the start of school was postponed by a year.

The conversion of the girls' house into a school building with eight classrooms, several differentiation rooms and a multifunctional hall is expected to be completed in autumn 2020 at the earliest. For this reason, two classrooms in the grammar school were initially prepared for the start of the secondary school. "The spatial situation is relaxed," says Ulrike Ewe.

All-day school with classes starting late

The high school is planned as an all-day school. Supervision is guaranteed in the morning from 7.30 a.m., but lessons don't start until 8.45 a.m. and last until a maximum of 3.30 p.m. Working groups and funding opportunities, which can be taken on voluntarily, run until 5 p.m. "We want to give the students the opportunity to go to a sports club or music class in the afternoon," explains Ewe.

The focus is also on Montessori pedagogy and preparation for the professional world with the help of external partners. A bilingual offer for the secondary school is not initially planned, but is conceivable later.

The new high school complements the CJD offer of daycare, Hans-Georg-Karg-Grundschule, Christophorusgymnasium, boarding school, music academy and international school.


Further information to the new high school as well as to all other facilities of the CJD there is the traditional Christophorusmarkt on Friday, November 29th.

Beginning of the Christophorusmarkt is at 2 pm on the campus of the Christophorusschule, Georg-Westermann-Allee 76. Admission is free. Open Advent singing at 3.30 p.m. and 4.45 p.m. with the brass section of the high school's wind ensemble.