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Eren Jaeger

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Eren Jaeger
(エ レ ン ・ イ ェ ー ガ ー)





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I'm so sick of being treated like a monster."- Attack on Titan, Volume 6, Chapter 26[5]

Eren Jaeger (エ レ ン ・ イ ェ ー ガ ー,Eren Yēgā?) was next to Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlert the protagonist of the Attack on Titan Mangas. He was a titan walker and his titan is called Attacking Titan (復讐 の 巨人 -,Shingeki no Kyojin?) designated. He was also in possession of the Warhammer Titan and the Original Titan. He comes from the outskirts of Shiganshina, where he lived until the appearance of the Colossal Titan. He was the second son of Grisha Jäger and the half-brother of Zeke Jäger.

Eren is a former member of the reconnaissance troop, which he joined in 847 together with Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlert.[6] Eren finished fifth in the class and the three joined the squad ahead of the Battle for Consolation.[7]

After searching his father's basement and getting his father's memories, Eren learned the truth about the titans, as well as the story of Marley and Eldia. Eren then decided to free his home from their real enemy: the rest of humanity that lives on the other end of the ocean.[8]


His father Grisha Jäger noticed when Eren was a little boy that he was not very good at making friends. Eren is known to fight street rascals. He is stubborn and impulsive. He goes to great lengths to achieve his goals and protect his friends.

Eren listens more to his heart than to his mind - you could also call him a fighter's heart. He is also a loyal and reliable soldier who never abandons his friends and comrades. In addition to this strong urge, he is quite impatient, which often brings him into dicey situations, which, however, usually end lightly with the intervention of his comrades, such as Mikasa. Mikasa knows him very well and realizes that he is lying when his ears turn red.

Together with his best friend Armin, he takes the view that people live in cages like cattle while they crouch behind walls for fear of titans. This view is known in society as heresy. However, Eren, unlike Armin, is harassed on a daily basis. As Hannes says, he is called the hunter. Since his father is a doctor, he is shown a lot of respect.

He is convinced that everyone is free from birth and has the right to fight for it - regardless of how cruel and brutal the world is. Because that alone is worth dying for.[9] He wants to see the sea with Armin. He continued to pursue this dream after joining the military elite.

Even as a young boy he was determined to join the reconnaissance troop with body and soul and even argued about it with his mother Carla Jäger[10]. His father is not indifferent to his son's dream, but he will not stop him from doing it. He even promises to show Eren the basement after his business trip. Why Grisha calmly deals with Eren's wish is because he knows the truth about the outside world. After his mother's death, Eren's top priority is to wipe out all titans for good. He is now more determined than ever to become a soldier.



Eren is a young man of average height. He has a rather long face, brown hair and round blue-green eyes, the shine and color of which depend on the light conditions. His eyes are relatively large and expressive. His skin is darker than that of the other characters. Eren's hair comes down to the nape of his neck and he has a middle part. His eyebrows often make him look angry or upset. In the first episodes you see him in the typical peasant clothes of the people of his district, consisting of brown trousers, a green shirt with a cord on the collar and a brown vest. After joining the military, Eren wears the uniform of his unit. He also always has a key from his father with him, which dangles on a string around his neck.[11]

In the fight against Marley, he has grown taller and let his hair grow to his shoulder. He has a light mustache and goatee and also wears bandages around his forehead and left eye. His left leg is amputated at the thigh, which is why he uses crutches. He wears Eldia's armand around his left arm.


Before Eren became a titan walker, Grisha gave him a syringe of titanium, which made him a pure titan. The appearance is not very different from that of the Titan Walker. Only shorter hair and smaller body size make the difference noticeable.

Titan Walker

As a titan walker, Eren is 15 meters tall, has chin-length hair, pointy ears and a huge mouth. Unlike the normal titans, Eren is more muscular and also more intelligent.

In contrast to his normally round eyes, in titanium shape they are rather small and narrow. They are also designed in a similar way to the eyes of a reptile. Close-ups of the titanium show how the membrane slides sideways over the eye.

The tongue, nose and ears stand out more. Its teeth are extremely pointy. Compared to the normal titans, Eren appears physically fit and strong as a Titan. He has pronounced muscles.[12]



Eren was born on March 30, 835 to Grisha and Carla Jäger and lived his life in the Shiganshina district, the southern district of Wall Maria. His best friend became Armin Arlert, a weakling and bookworm who was often attacked and beaten up by rough young people. Whenever Eren saw it, Eren rushed into battle to defend his friend; although he was always inferior, he still fought bitterly.[13] Once when Eren was lazing around the Shiganshina Canal, Armin came to him and revealed that he had found a book about the outside world. He enthusiastically showed Eren the book and revealed the interesting places - including the ocean - outside the walls. Armin's enthusiasm for the outside world made Eren rethink his previous worldview.[14]

One day Eren accompanied his father on a visit to the Ackermann family, who lived in a wooden hut outside Shiganshina. Grisha hoped that Eren would become friends with the Ackermanns' daughter, Mikasa, as Eren had previously found it difficult to make friends. When Grisha and Eren arrived at the hut, however, they found their parents murdered and found no trace of Mikasa.[13] She was kidnapped by the traffickers who murdered her parents. Worried, Grisha decided to alert the military and ordered Eren to wait at the foot of the mountain.