Can a 12 year old sperm

Ejaculation, what is happening?

The seed

The male semen is a mixture of the semen that is formed in the testicles and a liquid that comes from the neighboring glands.

When does it start?

Boys have their first ejaculation when they are through puberty. Puberty begins with the growth of hair under the armpits and around the genital organs. Then the voice breaks, that is, the voice becomes deeper. And at some point the boy has his first ejaculation. On average, the boys are then 12 years old. For some it starts earlier, for others a little later. This is completely normal.

How exactly does it happen?

The ejaculation can happen involuntarily, without the boys doing anything. Sometimes it happens in your sleep. When boys are aroused, either because they are masturbating or because they are having sex with a girl or another boy, ejaculation can also occur.

The feeling

If the ejaculation happens during sleep at night, some boys may find it uncomfortable if they discover semen in their underpants or in bed the next morning, or if someone else notices it. It doesn't have to be embarrassing, because it's a completely normal physical process. On the other hand, it is of course something that is nobody else's business at first. It's a private matter and boys can decide for themselves whether they want to talk about it or not. The feeling itself is a very nice, relaxing one and some experience it as a feeling of happiness.

As of: January 16, 2017, 2:26 pm