What is a person's most valuable asset

Allgemeine Sparkasse Oberösterreich Bank

a laughing and a crying eye

Ex-employee or workerWorked for Allgemeine Sparkasse Oberösterreich Bankaktiengesellschaft in Linz.

I think it's good about the employer

Image, stable "regional" employer, partly sharp colleagues (here again as with the "executives" from TOP to FLOP!), Punctual salary payments

I think it's bad about the employer

Allegedly, employees are the most valuable asset, but when you work here you quickly notice that these are just empty phrases - upwards, very much, let's call it "situation-elastic" employees, it is definitely easier. From a current point of view, I would answer the question about the recommendation with NO, even though the company is solid and good in itself. But it is ruined by the incompetent executives - unfortunately the "good bosses" cannot compensate for that at the moment.

Suggestions for improvement

Appreciate long-term employees - not just lip service because it is "chic" from an HR perspective!

Working atmosphere

depends very much on the department and on the superiors!


one learns "news" more from the newspaper than through internal communication

Cohesion among colleagues

Depends on the department, but mostly good - as in any other company, you can of course find opportunists here too.

Managerial behavior

1 star for the really bad superiors and 5 stars for the good ones ... but unfortunately I personally have to give 1 star here because with some "bosses" you ask yourself: "Was the goat made a gardener here ?!" The more "situation-elastic" the better - someone with the competence of a clerk is put in an influential position and there can break many things that are difficult to "repair" again.

Interesting tasks

is already largely stipulated by the legislature, but this is not a problem specific to the savings banks

equal rights

there is a desperate attempt to install women in leadership positions, whether they like it or not. The best "person" for the job would, in my opinion, be the better solution for the entire company.

Dealing with older colleagues

I would have hardly noticed anything negative so far

working conditions

you can't forgive more than average here

Environmental / social awareness


Salary / social benefits

External newcomers are sometimes bought at a high price, and long-term employees are fobbed off with empty promises.
Here is promised and promised but you have to look at everything first of all for 1 year. Of course, the additional service, for mostly very small promotions (often only on paper), has to be provided immediately.

Career / further education

You can only make a career here if you are only "bought in" here or if you are really terribly "friendly" to the superiors (I hope you understand the polite description) - colleagues from the "inventory" are apparently not or only rarely suitable.