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Engineer: "At 27 I'm already the rich uncle"

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I liked the numbers, of course. My job change meant less work, more leisure opportunities and more money. A stroke of luck - or an unjust coincidence, as my friend said. She was the most jealous of all the people I told about my new working conditions. Like me, she is an engineer and has moved with me. But she still works 40 hours a week for 2,000 euros less gross than me. This is because there is a great demand for engineers, but not all companies pay according to collective bargaining agreements.

At the beginning I justified myself. After all, it's not my first job and I have a lot of responsibility. My girlfriend also benefits from the fact that I earn more and that we can make a better life together. Just because I have an advantage doesn't mean a disadvantage. Why is there no collective agreement in your company? Isn't that the real problem? That more and more companies employ their employees outside the collective bargaining agreement?

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But it didn't help: For my girlfriend, I remained the annoying high-flyer who got the money into his lap. And it wasn't just her. I don't have a good feeling about it either. Almost 5,000 euros a month for someone who doesn't even have a master’s degree? My sudden wealth feels undeserved.

That's why I feel so uncomfortable with my friends' comments. Because basically I agree with them. I have around 2,000 euros a month at leisure, treat myself to parties, restaurants and have discovered windsurfing for myself. Even so, at the end of the month there is still money left that I can put aside. So to my brother I became his child's rich uncle. I told my friends about my new life in a pub. That's when I heard for the first time: "Wow, you earn more than my parents put together. Then you can take over the drinks for the evening!" I've got used to it by now, as far as I can. Now when someone asks me what I earn, I just say: "enough".