How is my website ranking on Google


Check the current Google ranking of your website for any keyword. Our tool determines the neutral position of your domain in the search results.

You wonder what you are for Live check tool need if you can also determine your rankings through a Google search? Quite simply: every user receives individual and personalized search results on Google. The search engine saves which terms you search for more often and then adjusts the sorting of the results accordingly after a search. As a result, you will not receive an objective and comparable search result that you can neutrally compare with another person or another device. However, with our free live check tool you will receive neutral Google rankings. Although our tool uses the Google engine (i.e. the regular Google search engine), it does without any personalized setting so that you can see the actual placement of your website in Google's search results.

How to bypass the personalized Google search

The Personalize search results for each user, is generally an advantage for users. What you search for and click more often is obviously very important and relevant to you and thus Google adjusts the keyword ranking accordingly. This may be helpful for normal use, but the search results are no longer comparable because the ranking differs from user to user. If you would like to determine the "neutral" position of your website for a specific keyword on Google, you have the following options available to minimize the individualization of your search results:

  • Tip 1: search without cookies

    Switch to the "private mode" (Firefox) or "InPrivate" (Internet Explorer) of your browser and repeat the keyword search on Google. Now the search is carried out without the influence of cookies and the ranking changes visibly.

  • Tip 2: delete all cookies

    Delete all cookies in your browser, restart the browser and repeat the search.

  • Tip 3: disable browser cookies

    Alternatively, you can completely deactivate the storage of cookies in the respective browser. The problem here, however, is that some websites and especially Google services (e.g. Gmail or Search Console) no longer work.

  • Tip 4: Use neutral search engines

    Use a neutral search engine (e.g. This also uses the Google Engine, but carries out the search without cookies and thus shows a more neutral ranking.

  • Tip 5: disable Google's Personal Web Search

    In the address line of your browser, add the parameter “& pws = 0 ″ at the end of the URL of Google's search results page. This deactivates the “personal web search” (“pws” for short).

  • Tip 6: Use our ranking check

    Use a Ranking live check tool like ours - this is the fastest and easiest way to get a neutral search result from Google.

Turn off Google Ads, Universal Search, and local search results

The Many different factors influence search results from Google and personalized. For example, your location is determined using GPS or IP address and, depending on the keyword, local search results are also displayed on the first page of results. The regular organic search results slide further down. In addition, paid search results from the Google Ads service are usually listed at the top of the search results pages (marked with "Advertisement"). If the searched keyword also falls into the category "Transactional Search" (search in which a transaction is to be carried out, e.g. "Sports shoes men black"), the search results are usually also enriched with images or videos. The manual checking of your rankings using a Google search can be very time-consuming in such a case and also does not provide the certainty that you will receive neutral rankings. Most of the methods described above (private browser mode, delete / deactivate cookies, neutral search engine, deactivate "personal web search") only partially neutralize the ranking, because the ads results are usually displayed at the top of the page. The only exception: our ranking tool, which determines your position on Google live and neutrally.

A live check tool makes your work easier

If you want to determine your rankings on Google and not count the search results individually, you should use a ranking live check tool. Simply enter your desired keyword (it can also be a phrase or search phrase) and add the domain for which you want to query the ranking. With a click on "Determine position", the neutral position in the search results is determined within a few seconds. Another advantage: the live check also shows how many search results were found for the keyword and how high the monthly search volume and the CPC (cost per click) are for Google Ads.

Google Top 100 Search Results

Another feature of ours Free Live Check Tools: the Top100 search results from Google to your keyword. The first 100 hits in the search engine, including the page title and meta description, are displayed here. The search term is highlighted in bold and you quickly get a detailed overview of the ranking. In the area of ​​search engine optimization in particular, regular and, above all, neutral checking of important keyword rankings is extremely important. Our free keyword tool relieves you of a lot of work in your daily SEO work. Check your rankings for the most important keywords quickly and easily and get a neutral search result list, without logging in or registering.

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