What documents are required to immigrate to Canada?

Moving to Canada - What to consider when emigrating

Canada ranks sixth among the emigration countries. Most Germans are drawn to the country because of the impressive nature and relaxed lifestyle. The country is also attractive professionally, as skilled workers are particularly in demand in Canada. Moving auction has researched and summarized what you should look out for when moving to Canada.

Table of Contents
  1. Immigration Regulations for Canada
  2. Moving to Canada: Requirements and Tips for Emigrating
  3. Checklist for moving to Canada
  4. Moving to Canada: Tips for Container Shipping

1. Canada Immigration Regulations

  • Points system for immigration
    Canada is a popular immigration country due to its high quality of life and its many economic advantages. However, the country has extensive immigration regulations that need to be met. Canada does not issue permanent residence permits to all applicants, but examines education, language skills, family background and finances precisely before long-term residence is granted. The assessment is based on a point system. Depending on the naturalization program, skilled workers, professional experts or family members without special professional qualifications can apply.
  • Naturalization programs
    Find out about existing naturalization programs to determine which route to immigrate to Canada is right for you. The first point of contact is the Federal Entry for Skilled Immigrants program, which applies to all of Canada. In addition, some provinces also have regionally valid individual programs.
  • Help with immigration authorities or private associations
    On the one hand, you can get on-site help from the immigration authorities. The privately organized clubs are more personal. There are often associations in large cities that specifically take care of accompanying newly immigrated Germans. Commercial companies also offer paid support.

2. Moving to Canada: Requirements and Tips for Emigration

Careful preparation is essential when emigrating to Canada. The most important points are:

  • Inform the authorities in Germany
    Inform insurance companies, health insurers, banks and authorities about your emigration plans. Unsubscribe and cancel all subscriptions and memberships.
  • health check
    Have your and your family's health checked and check that all vaccinations are up to date before immigrating to Canada.
  • Submit a forwarding order to the post office
    Before you move to Canada, get a forwarding order from your postal service provider.
  • Apply for important documents in good time
    Apply for a visa, a police clearance certificate and a residence permit well in advance of emigrating to Canada. You can obtain a work permit from the Canadian consulate. Also check the validity of all travel documents.
  • Obtain a health certificate for the pet
    If you have pets, get a health certificate for them and find out about import regulations for pets into Canada.
  • Planning a move, renting a container
    Rent a container for your household and declare all items. You must be able to provide proof of the purchase of new items and devices by means of an invoice. Have these invoices ready for any customs checks.

3. Checklist for moving to Canada

A good planning of this big step gives you security, the necessary lead time and also saves costs. Take care of all important documents and permits in good time so that you can start your new life in Canada. In this moving checklist we have summarized everything that is important for you:

  • Clarify the immigration regulations and requirements for immigration in good time.
  • Take care of the information of all authorities, offices and contractual partners in Germany. Terminate unneeded contracts.
  • Take care of all necessary official and doctor visits for humans and pets.
  • Organize transportation carefully. If necessary, hire a professional moving company.
  • Coordinate your travel planning with the shipping date.

4. Moving to Canada: Tips for Container Shipping

Your container needs between 10 and 17 days from the port in Germany to the destination port in Canada. There are different packages for container relocation, which cost different amounts. If you want to take a few items with you, you may not need a complete container. In this case, moving companies offer container sharing or additional cargo. Both mean that you share the space and cost of a container with others.

Once the container arrives in Canada, you have three days to pick it up before additional storage costs are incurred. If you want to be on the safe side, let an international freight forwarder handle the transport to Canada. However, you must be present in person to inspect the imported cargo in Canada. Please keep this in mind when booking your flight so that you are there on time.