Is Serbian difficult to learn

Report # 8 - Serbian: The horror in 7 cases

This applause reflects the appreciation that Serbia showed me for every attempt to learn the language. The people (with the exception of AFSers) actually didn't expect me to want to learn the language. So every new word I said was celebrated all the more. This consideration was sometimes an obstacle because it, in combination with the good English of the Serbs, sometimes lacked the motivation to learn.

The language:

Serbian belongs to the Slavic language family and is therefore related to e.g. Russian and Polish. Croatian and Bosnian are basically the same language with small differences in vocabulary and grammar, but you can communicate with each other without any problems. Serbian has an extremely lush grammar with three additional cases (the German cases + vocative, locative, instrumental). The most difficult thing for me was the insidious nature of the changes in the endings of words in sentences under the influence of time, gender and cases. Words sometimes just look completely different when they are in the genitive, for example. But I don't want to bombard you with too many rules and peculiarities of the language because they are probably only interesting for those interested in language and fill an entire blog entry. ;)

The rest of the year

I didn't use the grammar for the first 4 months. In the beginning it was enough to learn five or more words every day and little by little I could understand more. The simplest grammar forms were then explained to me by my host family, my friends and the Serbian teacher in my school class. Nevertheless, I still spoke a lot of English in the first half of the year until January, simply because it was much more convenient. There was a point where I decided to only speak Serbian and even if I was approached in English to always answer in Serbian (you have to make this decision as early as possible, then you automatically learn the language faster). That was when I began to speak fluently. From January we exchange students from Subotica organized additional language lessons for Serbian grammar with the aim of completing a language diploma at the end of the year (workedJ).