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But he tells those funny little limericks and his sisters were just surgically separated two weeks ago ...
But he tells this funny one Limericks. His sisters were surgically separated 2 weeks ago.
I tried talking poetry with Seamus, but all he can do is recite limericks.
I talk to Seamus about poetry, but he can only Limericks recite.
Jefferson had an obsession with puns, and Adams kept a notebook of unsavory limericks.
Jefferson was obsessed with puns and Adams had a notebook of tasteless ones Limericks.
And I make her a nice poem about our everyday life, then I make 15 limericks up.
I'll write her a nice poem about our everyday life and think about it 15 Limericks out.
Instead of simple riddles and limericks, each clue on the game the website creates for you includes a different kind of puzzle.
Instead of simple puzzles and Limericks, each reference to the game on the site for you also creates a different type of puzzle.
As of today we collect limericks, spoonerisms, haikus, sonnets, modern works - in short all poems imaginable about CCC-topics
We are collecting from now on Limericks, Shaking rhymes, haikus, sonnets, informal works - in short: all possible and impossible poems on CCC topics
Metaphors, similes, haikus, limericks.
Metaphors, similes, haikus, limerick.
Well, he does bits and impressions and limericks.
WEII, he's doing bits and impressions and Iimericks.
Dirty limericks, song parody.
Tell him dirty Jokes.
Within 15 minutes drive of the hotel is Shannon International Airport, Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, Limerick Racecourse, Limerick Millennium Theater, Limericks Gaelic Grounds and Thomand Park.
A 15-minute drive from the hotel is Shannon International Airport, Bunratty Castle, Folk Park, Racecourse, Millennium Theater, the Gaelic plant and Thomand Park.
Then I make 15 limericks up, and they're all different.
I'll write her a nice poem about our everyday life and think about it 15 Limericks out.
I remember when bathroom walls were for phone numbers and dirty limericks.
In the past, there were only phone numbers and dirty ones on toilet walls Limericks.
The texts show evidence of immanent poetic structures, and here too some are so programmed that haikus or limericks can be generated from them.
The texts show them immanent poetic structures and are here again partly programmed in such a way that, for example, haikus or Limericks to be generated.
Jefferson had an obsession with puns and Adams kept a notebook of unsavory limericks.
One is a collection of poems and limericks, most of which were related to drug and alcohol awareness, directed toward young children.
Poffo has several volumes of poetry and Limericks released, most of them deal with drug and alcohol addictions, which are mainly aimed at children and adolescents.
The wittiest person in town would be put on a chair, carried around the streets by his fellow townspeople while he banged on a bucket and yelled out dirty limericks condemning the accused.
The funniest person in town was tied to a chair ... and carried along the streets by his fellow citizens ... while the latter was carried on a bucket drummed and knocked derogatory sayings ... that expose the culprit.
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