What is stopping you from being proud

Translation of "what prevents you from going" in English

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So you don't mind me hinders, to go there.
But What is stopping you about sending out Christmas cards?
And what was hindering you to call the police immediately?
What is stopping you or me or stonstwen in here just shooting someone?
He said: O Iblis! What is stopping you from worshiping what i do with my two hands?
What is stopping you because of doing it?
He spoke: What was stopping youthat you did not submit when I commanded you?
Hafsa, another wife of Muhammad, said: When Muhammad ordered his wives to step out of the pilgrimage after the pilgrimage, we asked: 'And What is stopping youto do the same? '
Hafsa, another wife of Muhammad, said: When Muhammad commanded his wives to abandon their pilgrim status following the pilgrimage, we asked: 'And what hinders you from doing the same? '
When you're in the fields, sitting on your horse ... holding your gun, all the trumps in your hand ... What is stopping you, to flee?
When you're out in the fields, sitting on your horse ... and you're holding your gun, holding all the cards ... what keeps you from taking off?
75 (God) said: «O Iblis, what was hindering you of paying homage to him whom I made with Both My hands? Are you too proud or are you the sublime one? "
75 He said: O Iblis! what prevented you that you should do obeisance to him whom I created with My two hands? Are you proud or are you of the exalted ones?
Nothing prevents you about offering a reward.
Well, nothing prevents you from offering a reward and so informing the marshals.
If you don't like it, nobody prevents you to run away.
And if you don't like it, you're free to go away.
But that prevents you apparently not about hurting his feelings over and over again.
He prevents you to absorb important nutrients.
The routine prevents you to pursue your thoughts.
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