Is sex a need or a desire

Sex in old age? - Yes, please!

Sex is always an issue. But only for young people; older people no longer have or need sex. Is that really true? Studies show that the basic need for closeness and sex plays an important role throughout life.

Oh eternal youth ...

Those who are young are considered attractive. Young people have sex because they need it, because sex is part of it, and because they want to start families. Older people represent parent figures. Parent characters are asexual beings. Therefore, sex cannot be an issue in the elderly.

People need sex like the air they breathe

Sexuality serves to satisfy the basic psychosocial need for closeness, warmth, security, security and acceptance. At the latest at the end of adolescence, this need is usually satisfied most strongly with the intimate partner. However, it remains of existential importance for a lifetime, especially since the task and focus of life shift over time: The aging couple has to reorient themselves towards a postparental partnership. This changed life situation holds the chance to give the desire for sexuality and tenderness a lot of space.

... and now more than ever!

Studies have shown that although sexual activity decreases with age, the frequency of sexual activity hardly differs between an 18-year-old (94%) and a 60-year-old (90.4%) person when a steady partner is present. With increasing age, however, there are not only changes in the social environment; The physical functions can also be increasingly impaired: there may be a loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and pain during sexual intercourse. The causes include the hormonal changes and organic diseases in aging people. Often the most pronounced, however, are psychological impairments such as depression and a lack of self-esteem, which hinder a fulfilled sex life. Sexuality in old age is a challenge for the couple to deal constructively with the changing situation and to communicate wishes and needs. Taking into account the sexual socialization, the different generations and the cultural background, the couple can be supported with sex therapy and, if necessary, medication. The original article 'Sexuality in old age' appeared in the magazine 'Der Urologe A', edition 09/2004, on September 21st. 2004. Author (s): H. J. Berberich, Frankfurt a. M.-Höchst. Author of this topic of the week: Bettina Koch