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Small beach bungalows are giving way to large hotel complexes and deserted beaches are now being visited by tourists from all over the world. Still, the spiritual one Hippie arms still preserved, after all, it made Goa so famous back then. But what exactly makes Goa so special and what distinguishes the state from the rest of India? I set out to find out what inspired the dropouts more than 40 years ago that droves of them came here and never wanted to leave. I have found a paradise that will delight not only old hippies, but also India newcomers!

Goa - Welcome to Indian paradise

Important information | Colonial times

Velha Goa | Dream beaches

Excursions | Yoga in Goa

Goa at a glance - important information for your trip

  • The coast of Goa lies on the Arabian Sea, a marginal sea of ​​the Indian Ocean.
  • Thebest travel time for Goa is from mid-October to the end of March.
  • In the rainy season from June to mid-October, some hotels and restaurants may be closed.
  • Goa has its own airport, for example from Qatar Airways is approached. With a stopover in Doha, you will land in Indian paradise after a 12-hour flight.
  • The climate in Goa istropical, the temperatures stay at least 25 degrees all year round.
  • To enter India you need a visa, which must be applied for before the trip. In my travel magazine you will find a detailed guide on applying for a visa. So nothing stands in the way of your India vacation.
  • Inquire about the travel vaccinations you need for India before your vacation!

The traces of the colonial era

Goa is different from the rest of India. Since the state was a Portuguese colony until 1965, the European influences can still be felt here today. These are mainly reflected in the architecture and religion of Goa, because while India is actually a country shaped by Hinduism, every fourth inhabitant of Goa is a Christian. So it's no wonder that you can also find one or the other church here. There is something special about the capital of Goa, Panaji, also called New Goa Portugal's influences: While strolling through the Mediterranean district of the city, you can forget that you are actually in India. Small cafés are lined up and invite you to a delicious lassi, the typical Indian yoghurt drink.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Velha Goa

The city of Velha Goa, which means Old Goa, has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The imposing, colonial buildings of the city, which are now more and more devoured by the jungle, offer you a unique and breathtaking sight. The centuries-old cathedrals, churches and monasteries are so well preserved that thousands of tourists come to the old capital every year to admire them. One of the imposing structures is the Jesus basilica, in which the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept. This relic is also the reason why millions of believers make a pilgrimage to Goa every 10 years. Another feast for the eyes is the sight of the Se Cathedral. The huge white church is now the official residence of the archbishop and can of course also be visited from the inside.

Goa's hotspots - about dream beaches & hippy markets

When you come to Goa, you don't just want to visit cities and churches, you also want to relax on the beautiful beaches and just switch off. Goa offers the right beach for everyone - regardless of whether you like it secluded and quiet or sociable and party-loving.

The first beach I would like to introduce to you is this Calangute Beach. The beach in the north-west of Goa was particularly known for its extravagant parties and excesses. If you decide to go to this beach, you can still look forward to long nights, new acquaintances and numerous bars and restaurants. Calangute Beach is one of Goa's most famous beaches and is one of the centers of tourism ‘. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, I recommend this to you Betul Beach in the south of Goa. Here you can expect pristine, clean beaches and cheap accommodation from the crowds.

Nowhere else can you soak up the famous hippie feeling like here!

Hippy market in Anjuna

The beach of Anjuna is also one of the very well-known beaches. The city is not known for its beach, but for the regular hippy market, where you can buy all kinds of jewelry and souvenirs as well as clothing. If you are in Goa, you should definitely pay a visit to the Anjuna market, because nowhere else can you soak up the famous hippie feeling like here!

You can find a beach that seems almost endless in Benaulim. Due to its spaciousness, this is not very crowded, so you are sure to find a nice place to relax here. Of course, you don't have to do without various restaurants, bars and great hotels. You can enjoy something of the original hippie charm especially in the far north of Goa. Arambol Beach is not as touristy as Anjuna, but it still offers you enough restaurants and cheap accommodation. The visitors praise the Arambol Beach as a real paradise and Arambol is one of the best beaches in Goa. By the way, you will find other small and large beaches in Goa. Especially those that cannot be reached via large roads are less crowded with tourists and offer you relaxation and tranquility at its best.

Goa's beaches are so beautiful

Excursions in Goa

If you are looking for a change after relaxing on the beach, I recommend a trip to the Dudhsagar Falls in the southeast of Goa. The breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls have become a real tourist magnet thanks to the good connection with the train. The surrounding Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Park also has a lot to offer for nature lovers. Different animals from reptiles to Elephants can be observed here with a bit of luck.

Wildlife can also be seen at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in northeast Goa. In the rescue center, among other things, leopards, bears and cobras that have been released from captivity are fostered.

Yoga in Goa - On the trail of Indian teachings

Do you want to do something for your physical well-being and your mind again? Then you are in the right place in Goa. There are countless beaches on Goa's beaches Yoga schools each other, offer different courses or even complete vacation packages. Regardless of whether you are a yoga beginner or already know Indian teaching from Germany, there is something for everyone. The Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat caught my eye thanks to the excellent reviews on Tripadvisor. The small feel-good hotel is located directly on the beach, where you can also eat and practice. In addition to the yoga workshops, you can also enjoy massages and other wellness treatments here. So Goa is not only something for party-loving beach holidaymakers, but also for real yoga gurus!

Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations in India - if you are on vacation here, you have to don't be afraid of culture shock as the locals are perfectly attuned to tourists. Due to the cultural influences in the colonial era, you can expect a lot of well-known things in Goa. A particularly popular travel time is New Year's Eve, every year thousands of young people meet to spend the turn of the year together on the beach. Wouldn't that be something for you too? With Qatar Airways you are sure to find the right flight for your trip to Goa!

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