What is the ice cube diet

Over 35 diet with ice water - this is how it works

Experienced people who want to lose weight already know the basic idea of ​​the Volumetrics method: If you drink a lot, you lose weight faster. However, this method works best with ice water.

A high intake of fluids generally ensures a better filling of the stomach, so that you lose weight more quickly. With the over-35 diet, additional effects should be used, which the intake of ice water in particular brings with it. If you consistently implement the concept, you can quickly reduce weight in this way.

Water: effective appetite suppressant

It has long been known that with a high fluid intake the appetite is curbed and in this way weight loss works better. As various studies have shown, water slows the speed with which food passes through the stomach and then the intestines; this effectively curbs appetite by a total of 20%. With this measure alone you can reduce your weight.

Burning fat through water

If you want to boost fat burning, you can enrich the water with a few ice cubes. These specifically intervene in fat burning and increase it by 30% for up to two hours! A study from the USA came to this conclusion. Therefore: As often as possible, water should be enriched with ice cubes.

Water calms you down

Last but not least, water can also help create hormonally favorable conditions for weight loss. Those who get used to drinking a large glass of water in slow gulps consolidate a ritual that has a calming effect on the psyche. At the same time, you reduce the production of fat-making stress hormones that block the process of weight loss.

Exemplary daily schedule with water

In order to benefit from the advantages of water, one should drink a large glass of water with two ice cubes 20 minutes before each meal and before each snack. Basically, all sugary drinks should be replaced with calorie-free water. An additional effect is achieved by integrating water-rich fruits and vegetables, which are best enjoyed raw or steamed with low-fat sauce. Whole grain products as well as lean meat and dairy products are also allowed. However, sugar and sweets should only be consumed in bulk.


Those who incorporate more liquid into their menu stimulate fat burning and always ensure an optimal satiety effect. This diet works especially well for people over 35.


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