What is the best cookie clicker strategy

Cookie Clicker: the best cheats

For the addicting game Cookie Clicker, there are a few cheats that will make baking cookies a lot easier for you. We'll introduce you to the best.

Open the console window for Cookie Clicker

In order to be able to enter the cheats, you must first open the console or Java console in your browser. The procedures differ depending on the browser:

  • Chrome: Open Cookie Clicker and then click in the menu bar on "View" -> "Developer" -> "Javascript Console".
  • Firefox: Open Cookie Clicker in Firefox and then press the key combination "Ctrl + Shift + K".
  • Internet Explorer: After opening the cookie clicker page, press "F12" -> "Console".
  • Opera: After you have opened the cookie clicker page, you can open the console window with the key combination "Ctrl + Shift + I" -> "Console".

Cookie Clicker: Cheat Codes

After you have opened the console window, you only have to enter the desired cheat code and confirm with the Enter key. If you reload the browser window, you can undo all cheats.

  • Game.cookies = number (your number of cookies will be adjusted)
  • Game.cookies = Infinity (infinite number of cookies)
  • Game.cookiesd = 0 (reset infinity display)
  • Game.cookiesPS = number (sets the CookiesPerSecond rate)
  • var autoClicker = setInterval (function () {Game.ClickCookie ();}, 10); (Automatic clicks on the cookie)
  • clearInterval (autoClicker); (End the automatic click on the cookie again)
  • Game.Win ('ACHIEVEMENT'); (Replace ACHIEVEMENT with the name of an Achievement to get the achievement)

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