Work robotic vacuum cleaners on carpets

Robot vacuum cleaners: smart helpers or expensive gimmicks?

A vacuum robot already fulfills the dream of a house that tidies itself a little bit today. The devices that automatically remove dust and crumbs from our floors are available for as little as a few hundred euros. However, the technology behind it is usually different - entry-level models in the lower price segment rely on random cleaning, with the vacuum cleaner robot changing direction as soon as it hits an obstacle. The upper class includes devices that create maps of the rooms themselves, can be controlled via app or remote control or are equipped with cameras, infrared technology and even laser radar for contactless navigation. And many models often still have the option of integrating smart home voice systems such as Amazon's Alexa or the Google Assistant. So the little cleaners can even start their cleaning work on demand.

The manufacturer Ecovacs even uses artificial intelligence (Aivi technology) for its "Ozmo 960" model, with which the robot detects socks and cables lying around and bypasses them by itself. New obstacles are also recorded and stored as information in a cloud for all other users so that they can be identified more quickly later.

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