Are the cheapest dice biased

The chaos is also grouped around a fixed point, otherwise it would not even be there as chaos.

(Arthur Schnitzler)

Christian says:

King of 12 and I will no longer become great friends in this life. I like the basic constellation. It is highly interactive in its structure and thus offers a fast game full of angry moments that should really stimulate you.

Yes should. The game doesn't grasp me emotionally at all. Because the game does not go all the way into malice and chaos, but leaves too many false floors, because I decide for myself in which order the effects occur. Should I flip my dice so my number is lower? It doesn't matter, because before that I quickly double my value and thereby count the result that has been calculated. That takes a lot of bite for me and my decision a lot of weight. It pulls the rug from under the feet of the game for me.

Contrary to the expectation that I will mess around with my teammates and their decisions, a game will ripple away. If I don't care who wins and I'm more likely to be happy when a game is over, that speaks for me clearly.

As a result, King of 12 is just a nice experience for me, which works best in a group and where not every plan works. So another game that will exist in the depths of the cupboard (right next to the Ark of the Covenant) and will no longer end up on the table, because there are just so many games that pull me more under their spell.