In which countries tipping is considered impolite

Service: Tipping is considered an insult in some countries

Egypt: As in other North African countries, ten to 15 percent is common in restaurants. In the taxi it is rounded up. Housekeeping, porters and other service providers are happy to receive a small tip of up to one euro.

China and Japan: In China and Japan, tipping has no tradition and is often perceived as an insult far away from international hotels. In China's tourist centers, service staff like to take ten percent, housekeeping two to three yuan and tour guides one dollar. In Japan, good service is recognized with small gifts or a dollar or two.

France: Ten to 15 percent is given in a restaurant or café. “Le pourboire”, as the French say, is left on the table. The obolus is not compulsory in the hotel. The taxi driver receives ten percent.

Greece: The usual rate in a restaurant is around ten percent and a maximum of one euro in a taverna. A small tip should be given to the maid personally on the day of departure. In the taxi it is rounded up.

Great Britain and Ireland: In restaurants there is a “tip” of ten to 15 percent, in Ireland a maximum of ten percent. If a "service charge" is already listed on the invoice, it may be less. Tips are not given at the bar in the pub. If you want to reward the bartender, offer him a drink. For porters, the guest should lose a pound and round up in the taxi.

Italy: Tipping is uncommon in gastronomy. Often a “coperto” appears on the bill, a kind of basic fee for the place setting and the bread. Those who were particularly satisfied can leave a few coins behind. There are plates or piggy banks in espresso bars. In the hotel, the maid receives five euros per week. In a taxi, rounding up is fine.

Austria: As in Germany, five to ten percent “Schmattes” or “Schmatt” are appropriate in restaurants and taxis. In the hotel, the porter receives one euro per piece of luggage, the housekeeper one to two euros per day. The money will be handed over directly before departure.

Portugal and Spain: In the catering industry, tips of ten to 15 percent are left behind. Small amounts such as two or five cent pieces are considered grossly impolite. In the taxi it is rounded up.

Thailand and Malaysia: It's already very western here. Ten percent is appropriate in the restaurant. Less than ten baths is considered an insult.