Why are uncomplicated people viewed as rude

Are the people in Hungary and Slovakia friendly? [closed]

There are probably few questions here that warrant more subjective answers than yours. :) :)

Or in other words, it's all relative.

The Dutch are seen by many as surprisingly rude in their daily lives. The Dutch will instead say they are honest or straightforward and will argue that society as a whole is better for it.

It is probably fair to say that what applies to the Netherlands in this context also applies to the Scandinavian countries.

More Mediterranean cultures, which some see as "friendlier", are more likely to be duplicated in their verbal communication, which the northerners would consider "insincere", impolite and therefore unfriendly.

So what you think is kind, others will consider the opposite.

Back to your question. Are Hungarians and Slovaks "friendlier" than the Dutch? Given your metrics probably . But of course there is no easy answer.

Relations between Hungary and Slovakia itself were strained from the start (Slovakia became their own country), but Bulgaria was a pleasant partner for both of them. With this I am trying to point out the likelihood that there would be no significant difference between the two for a Bulgarian.

Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia have to some extent a history and culture that is closer than, for example, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, making it easier for you to integrate, although there will always be a linguistic and cultural barrier.

From personal experience, age is the greatest indicator of the openness of adults to accept outsiders in a personal circle. Something to consider in view of your personal situation.

As requested, appeals to the authorities: I am Iranian, grew up in Holland, lived in Belgium, studied in Hungary, have a direct family in Germany, am married to someone of Mediterranean descent.


I actually find a lot of Bulgarians in other people's business too, so Mediterranean / Southern states is annoying too. I call it "curious behavior". If the Dutch are at one extreme, Bulgarians, Greeks, Italians and Spaniards are on the other. But both seem very offensive to me.

Gayot Fow

Would you like to include your authorities in your response? I think this could lift it above its current state. As if you were a native there, or lived there for a long time, or married one, etc., etc. Give the readers something here to keep them going.


Not married, single. I've never been to Central Europe.


Well, I mistakenly believed that a university student abroad would lead to lasting friendships or wonderful experiences. I am young and surrounded by young people. We are too young to act our way.

Remco Gerlich

What is not discussed here is how difficult it is to make real friends in the Netherlands as an adult. It is also extremely difficult for the Dutch themselves, for example after moving to a new city, and without any cultural or linguistic barriers. As an immigrant, your children have a good chance of making a normal group of friends, not you.