Laughter Helps Lose Weight

Obesity: Losing weight, the right way

So everyone wants to lose weight and don't leave out any trend. Currently, for example, the low-carb theory, which promises rapid weight loss thanks to fewer carbohydrates. Humbug, according to a study by the American Harvard School of Public Health. 811 overweight people were randomly placed on different diets, all of which had to exercise for an hour and a half every week. After two years, they were an average of four kilos lighter - regardless of the diet. As long as the overweight person consumes fewer calories than they burn, it does not matter whether the proportion of fat, protein or carbohydrates is reduced in the diet, sums up study leader Frank Sacks.

Actually, we know that. More exercise and reduced calorie intake help against too many pounds. But not all can mutate into athletes. And changing one's diet "is a long-term, mostly lifelong project," says metabolism expert Ulrich Keller, President of the Federal Nutrition Commission. This includes eating foods with a lower energy density, i.e. fewer calories per 100 grams - this creates a feeling of satiety in a healthier way. Of course, this means: fewer sweet drinks, fewer greasy meals, less alcohol.

"But above all," says Keller, "do you have to become aware of why you are eating: because you are hungry - or because you are frustrated, disappointed, angry?" If you bite into an apple instead of a chocolate bar in a frustrating situation, you have taken the decisive step.