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5 tips for the perfect visual language on your website

Images are a crucial factor on a company website. They can trigger emotions, tell a story about the company, convey lasting impressions and make a potential customer feel good right from the start. Nevertheless, a lot can go wrong when choosing an image for your own website. From unsuitable images to poor quality and incorrect preparation, there is a lot that can go wrong here. In order to present yourself optimally online, web4business has 5 tips for you which you should definitely pay attention to with the pictures on your website.

There are many good reasons why meaningful images are indispensable on a company website: They can trigger emotions, can be processed more easily and quickly by the human brain and underpin content on your online presence or make it unique in the first place. They are therefore an important means of reaching existing and new customers within fractions of a second and convincing them of your own business: They are largely responsible for the digital first impression.

Nonetheless, some companies may find it difficult to choose the right image material or they may not even know what to look out for. In order to be successful with your own company website, you should therefore keep the following 5 points in mind when choosing an image.

1. Rely on professional images

If a look at the website is responsible for the digital first impression today, the images shown must convince right away. That's why companies should look carefully at which photos they are using. While in some cases the use of stock material is a good and inexpensive alternative - for example for an attractive header - in other cases it makes sense to rely on individual image material. If, for example, the hospitality industry or beauty salons present your premises, high-quality photos often tip the scales, which is why potential customers decide for or against a business. They are the digital shop window of a company. Customers don't like what they see here - be it due to poor image quality, inappropriate or impersonal motifs - they quickly end up with the competition. With the help of professional photos, on the one hand, the advantages of your own company can be optimally highlighted and, on the other hand, you promote an authentic and serious appearance. If a company does not have the ability to take professional photos, it is often worth investing in a professional who can optimally stage their own team and the premises.

2. Create a stringent brand experience

By using images, companies can create a true brand experience. What does a company stand for? What philosophy does he bring out and what values ​​does he represent? All of this can be expressed accordingly with the appropriate imagery. Here you should make sure that the style is stringent and always tells the same story. With special stylistic devices z. B. create an unmistakable look that becomes the unique selling point of a company and that is remembered by the customer. Meaningful and unique images therefore contribute enormously to the branding of a company.

But this does not only apply to individual companies: It is also important for partner companies that trade under the name of a manufacturer's brand to create a stringent brand experience through suitable images. Are there current manufacturer pictures or advertising photos that can be integrated on the website? Have you placed the partner logo clearly visible on your online presence? In this way, the customer is accompanied on his journey from the first contact via an advertisement via the website of a partner company to the purchase of the same imagery. In addition, the uniform appearance creates trust and authenticity.

3. Say goodbye to inappropriate and predictable images

They happen again and again: The cases in which symbol images or stock material are used and people forget whether the selected photos fit the company or the content at all. Some symbolic images can now be found in so many places on the Internet that users are fed up with them. Here it can help to think far away from the beaten path, which motifs fit a certain content. Perhaps the term team spirit can be represented on the career page in a somewhat original way with a row of team jerseys or a collection of many colorful buttons and not with a picture of people who are about to hit the ground. There are no limits to the imagination - but it can bring a lot to think beyond the usual imagery and thus surprise the user.

Caution is also advised with international photos. For example, it may be the case that pictures of a construction site in the USA show different safety standards than those that apply in Germany. The same applies to pictures from the kitchen of a restaurant: motifs from other countries may not correspond to the hygiene standards in Germany. Here it is often only the small things that need to be taken into account. Nonetheless, it helps to quickly check whether the selected image is really authentic and fits your own business.

4. Don't forget the legal question

Even if it appears: Just because pictures are free to find and accessible online, they cannot simply be used for your own website. After all, it is the respective author who ultimately determines whether and how his or her works may be used. Therefore, the rights of use must be clarified for each image used and, if necessary, licenses acquired. Otherwise, the unauthorized use of third-party image material can result in a warning and payment of damages. For small companies that do not have the time and the overview of their integrated image material, website providers with image pools are a solution. web4business provides a large selection of different images and manufacturer archives from various partners, from which users can easily and simply choose photos for their website - without having to worry about usage rights and the like.

5. Optimize images for search engines

Most visitors arrive via normal online searches on a website. Nevertheless, the Google image search should not be underestimated. Often users also land on a website because they were looking for certain images, e.g. B. to take a closer look at a product, to see the result of a service or to find a person. Since images are directly linked to the website as a source, users then land on it very quickly. It is therefore advisable to optimize the photos integrated on the website for search engines - by adjusting the size, a meaningful file name, the storage of old texts, etc. Admittedly, it is necessary to deal with the topic a little in advance, but there are most of the measures are quite straightforward to implement. web4business will also be happy to support you in optimizing your website and your images. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How does web4business help?

web4business is at your side with words and deeds when creating your professional company website. Not only do we take care of the complete creation for you, but are also happy to advise you on a wide variety of topics - e.g. B. also the right choice of images. So feel free to contact us at any time.