When does the lobster season in Texas end?

Top 7 Crawfish Festivals in Texas

Texans love lobsters, delicious crustaceans that look like little lobsters. The lobster is an important part of Louisiana and Cajun cuisine. Due to its proximity to Louisiana, the cuisine of South Texas was influenced by the cajun and creole cuisine, which is why the lobsters are just as popular in Texas as they are in Louisiana. Known as mudbugs or crawdads in southern Texas and Louisiana, the time of year to eat these tiny critters is from late February through June. Therefore, there are many lobster festivals held in the Lone Star State in March, April and May. Celebrate the mud bug season by visiting these 7 best crawfish festivals in Texas.

Texas Crawfish & Music Festival, Spring (nearby hotels)

That list starts with one of the state's most popular lobster festivals, the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival. Located in Spring, north of Houston, Texas, this two-day festival is more than just your average cancerous tumor. Festival goers will find a great music program on both days of this weekend festival. Of course there are many lobsters, from hot-boiled lobster to lobster dishes. However, there are also classic Texan dishes like grills and burgers. With a carnival, retailers, and lots of beer and wine, this affordable lobster festival is a great way to celebrate the lobster season in the Lone Star State.

Kemah Crawfish Festival, Kemah (nearby hotels)

If you're looking for a fun lobster festival on the Texan coast, head to the Kemah Crawfish Festival. This three day festival takes place under the Kemah Bridge. Crawfish are really the main attraction here since during the Festivals 6,000 pounds of crawdads being cooked every hour. However, there are also many other Cajun specialties served at this festival, such as: B. frog legs, boudin and even alligator. After you've enjoyed your share of well-made crawfish, it's time to enjoy the live music that ranges from country to zydeco.

Crawfest New Braunfels (nearby hotels)

The Texas Hill Country is not known for its lobster. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a great lobster festival here. Crawfest New Braunfels is a three-day April festival held at the Comal County Fairgrounds. Crawfest New Braunfels hosts a gumbo cooking competition, a 3-mile run, and a lobster-eating competition. Country, Zydeco and Tejano music performances will be on the stage this weekend. With carnival rides, court games, and on-site camping, you'll have a memorable time at this Hill Country cancer festival.

Bayou City Cajun Festival, Houston (nearby hotels)

Enjoy a lobster party in Bayou City at the annual Bayou City Cajun Festival. This Houston Festival is a two day event with free entry. The Bayou City Cajun Festival at Traders Village features Cajun tunes and Cajun dishes. Thousands of pounds of spicy lobster are cooked for festival goers. You can also enjoy other Cajun dishes such as red beans and rice, lobster etouffee and po boys. Perfect for families and lobster lovers, this Houston lobster festival is a real celebration of lobster and Cajun cuisine.

Lonestar Crawfish Festival, Austin (nearby hotels)

Downtown Austin's Lonestar Crawfish Festival may be miles from the coast, but there's still plenty of Cajun vibes to be found at this party at Stubbs Bar-B-Q. Known for its barbecue and live music, this venue is an Austin icon. This festival features live music, usually a big headliner, and only-eatable lobster. All proceeds from this event will go to the Busby Foundation, an organization that supports families affected by ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Houston Crawfish, Crab and Grill Festival, Houston (Hotel Rates & Photos)

This Houston food festival is filled with incredible cajun and seafood dishes, from boiled lobster to Texas grilled dishes. The Houston Crawfish, Crab and Grill Festival is family-friendly as it has a kids zone with face painting and other kid-friendly activities. With plenty of food from local vendors and food trucks, you'll come to this lobster feast hungry and ready for the second serving. Burn all those extra calories by dancing to the reggae, country and zydeco tunes that can be found here on stage.

Crawfish Fest in Houston (nearby hotels)

Last but not least, the Crawfest Fest is located in Houston, Texas. As an outsider of the lobster festival, this lobster festival is relatively new, but is still growing. Houstonians love lobster and it's no wonder why this festival has gained so much attention. Expect to find a variety of the crayfish dealers who cook and cook crayfish with their own unique recipes. So if you are not a fan of spicy lobster, you will definitely find a supplier here who sells lobsters to your taste. This outdoor event features live music and free entry.