What is Jordan Peterson so afraid of?

There is no easy way, you have to suffer | Quotes from Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a clinical psychologist and author. For me personally he is a genius of our time and god damn it influenced me. His skill in dealing with words is always fascinating to me. He became famous for uploading his lectures to YouTube, from which I have already learned a lot. (I highly recommend taking a look at them and listening to them in the gym, for example).

However, he gained his greatest fame through a discussion he had on television with a reporter. (The video now has 11.2 million views). Simply unbelievably good. In this video he dismantles a reporter who tries again and again to put him down and insinuate things. He always manages to stay cool, calm and respectful. Here is an analysis video from the interview where you can learn a lot about rhetoric.

We are looking at three quotes from him today, because he is today's Socrates and it would be stupid not to know anything about him.

“You're going to pay a price for every damn thing you do and every one you don't. You cannot choose not to pay a price. You can choose which poison you drink. That's all."

- Jordan B. Peterson

The truth is that there is no easy way out. You have to decide what suffering to take on. But don't try to run away from it because it won't work. If you choose today not to study, not to read, and not to accept your responsibility and thus want to escape the pain of discipline, then the price will be that you will fall behind, that you will not be able to do your tasks, that you will be dissatisfied with yourself that your self-esteem is fading and nothing is as painful as repentance.

"When you meet your daily obligations, you don't have to worry about the future."

- Jordan B. Peterson

We are only afraid when we don't feel ready. But if we do our jobs in the present, we know that we can do anything. Only if you don't do anything today will your fear of tomorrow increase, because the task is getting bigger, more confusing, more and more frightening. So start today with the tasks that are due today.

"Work as hard as you can on at least one thing and see what happens."

- Jordan B. Peterson

The potential that is in each of us is endless. We don't know the limit. But we can begin to sense it when we observe ourselves doing what we can achieve when we work on something as hard as we can. So if you don't know how good you actually are, take one thing up, put everything you have in it and see what happens. And believe me, then miracles start to happen.

Bonus quote:

"You have to be a monster to stay alive."