Might kill the CIA Donald Trump

Did the Taliban kill on behalf of Russia? : Trump is said to have known about bounty payments on US soldiers

According to his presidential office, US President Donald Trump was now informed of intelligence about the alleged Russian action against US soldiers in Afghanistan.

The "New York Times" had reported, citing insiders, that agents of the Russian military intelligence service GRU had paid Taliban fighters and allied criminals a reward for killing stationed US and NATO soldiers and that Trump had been informed of corresponding intelligence reports. Trump, like Russia and the Taliban themselves, initially rejected this.

On Tuesday, President's Office spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Trump had been informed of insights into bounties. The US government does not deny the existence of this information either, labeling it as unsecured. According to the "New York Times" on Tuesday, the US foreign intelligence service CIA classified them as so credible that they were listed in another secret report at the beginning of May.

The US Presidential Office had previously stated that Trump had not been informed personally. The President's Office initially left open whether he had received a written communication and read it. According to the "New York Times" Trump should have received a written notification at the end of February.

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The intelligence information was included in a daily written report for Trump, writes the New York Times, citing two government officials. The news channel CNN reported that the document was made "in the spring".

Trump is known to often fail to read the national security and foreign policy reports that he compiles on a daily basis. However, the President is also regularly informed orally.

The possibility that Trump ignored or overlooked the threat to American forces could reduce his chances of re-election in early November. The US Democrats have asked for clarification and especially want to know whether Trump was informed - and if so, when. The chairman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, spoke of an "inexplicable behavior of President Trump towards Russia".

Ex-Vice President and Trump challenger-designate Biden said that if the President were informed and did not act, this would amount to a breach of duty. There was initially no reaction from Trump.

Critics regularly accuse Trump of being overly compliant with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is particularly explosive because, according to the US authorities, Moscow interfered in the US presidential elections in 2016 in favor of Trump.

Meanwhile, calls for economic sanctions against Russia were being voiced in the United States. The Democratic Chair of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said measures needed to be considered to dissuade Russia from its "malicious activities".

US Secretary of State Pompeo calls the Taliban - and warns

Trump's former Republican security adviser John Bolton said that if the allegations against Russia were correct, it would amount to a "direct attack on Americans." "That requires a very serious answer."

In the middle of the debate about the alleged bounties, the US and the Taliban discussed the peace process in the Hindu Kush. As a spokesman for the rebels announced on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in a video conference on Monday with the head of the Taliban's political office, Mullah Baradar, about the implementation of the February peace agreement.

The main issue here is a withdrawal of US-led troops in return for security guarantees from the Taliban. Pompeo warned the Taliban against attacks. In the telephone conversation with Mullah Baradar on Tuesday, according to his ministry, Pompeo made it clear that he expects the Islamists to keep their promises. "That includes not attacking Americans," said Pompeo.

The USA and the Taliban reached an agreement in February that regulates the gradual withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. The prerequisite for withdrawal, however, is a decline in violence in Afghanistan. (Reuters, AFP, Tsp)

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