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General requirements for naturalization

General information

The other requirements for an award are determined by whether citizenship is based on a Legal claim is awarded or the decision in discretion the competent authority.


  • At least ten year old Legal and uninterrupted residence in Austria, at least of which five year oldPermanent residence permit; There are deviations from this requirement when granting citizenship on the basis of a legal claim (e.g. to persons who are in possession of an EU / EEA nationality)
  • Blamelessness
    • No judicial convictions
    • No pending criminal proceedings (both at home and abroad)
    • No serious administrative offenses with particular injustice
  • Sufficiently secured livelihood
    • Proof of fixed and regular personal income from acquisition, income, legal maintenance claims or insurance benefits averaging 36 months from the last 6 years before the application date, whereby the last six months claimed must be immediately before the application date
  • Knowledge of German and basic knowledge of the democratic order and the basic principles that can be derived from it, as well as the history of Austria and the respective federal state
    • Evidence by written examination, if there are no exceptions (e.g. German is mother tongue, minority, school attendance with a positive assessment in the subject "German")
  • Affirmative attitude towards the Republic of Austria and guarantee that there is no danger to public peace, order and security
  • No existing residence ban and no pending proceedings to terminate residence
  • No decision to return
  • No return decision by another EU / EEA country or Switzerland
  • No expulsion within the last 18 months
  • No close relationship with an extremist or terrorist group
  • Basically loss of previous citizenship
  • By being granted citizenship
    • The international relations of the Republic of Austria are not significantly impaired and
    • The interests of the Republic of Austria are not harmed

Competent authority

The citizenship department of the respective office of the state government


You can submit the application informal put or use a Application form. You can obtain this from the responsible office.

Required documents

The documents actually required can only be determined on the basis of your personal information. Please contact the citizenship department responsible for you in this regard.

Additional Information

Foreign language documents must be submitted in the original together with a translation certified in Austria.

If certified translations from other countries are recognized, depends on the respective procedural regulations. For example, an apostille may be required to recognize the documents.

If a foreign-language document has to be presented in the original together with a certified translation, the translation may generally only be carried out by sworn and court-certified interpreters. Interpreters from other EU / EEA member states can also register for the list of sworn and court-certified interpreters in Austria.

More information on compulsory military service and military service can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.

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Legal bases

Section 10 Citizenship Act 1985 (StbG)

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