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Exclusive business cards
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  • Partial painting
  • Design in just 5 minutes, receive it in 24 hours on request
  • Over 1000 background templates
  • 4 color print on high quality stable 300g or 350g cardboard
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Not full surface The background does not extend to the edge of the card. This leads to white stripes on the edges after cutting.
Incorrect orientation Your cards are not oriented correctly. The back will be upside down after printing.
Outside the zone The text is outside the safety zone. This data is cut off.
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Partial paintingSimulate expensive ones Structure papers over partial varnish. Experience the feel! (*) Up to 250 pieces! Introductory offer, only applies to the first order of partial paint. How is it done »
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    1. Partial painting  
      Design in just 5 minutes, receive it in 24 hours on request
      Over 1000 background templates
      4 color print on high quality stable 300g or 350g cardboard
      (1) Up to 250 pieces! Introductory offer, only applies to the first order of partial paint.

      Over 1000 background templates
      (3) Up to 1000 € max! Without fees! Public Institutions and authorities directly through us. Corporate and private customers via partner Billpay according to their terms and conditions.

      Have cheap business cards printed on

      If you want to print business cards cheaply and creatively, as well as professionally designed, the online printer OvernightPrints is exactly the right address. Everyone is free to decide whether to do their own thing or let the professionals print the business card and design it beforehand.

      With a comprehensive selection of modern design templates, everyone is able to have individual and affordable business cards printed. Every industry brings out its very own creative finesse when printing business cards on high quality and sturdy cardboard. Our affordable business cards online printing shop offers many optional variants, such as a high-gloss finish or partial varnish for the logo, text or image.

      FAQ - Questions about our business cards?

      Our finishing options for business card printing

      If you want to have business cards printed, you not only have the option to choose different designs and paper qualities. You can also opt for different finishing options when printing business cards.

      Business cards with UV varnish: The UV high-gloss coating ensures a shiny appearance. Because the UV varnish visually smooths the surface of the business card, making the colors appear even more brilliant and intense.

      Partial painting: With partial varnishing, also known as spot UV, you can highlight individual components of your business card. For this purpose, a colorless high-gloss varnish is applied to the areas that are to be refined and highlighted.

      Business card templates: If you can't decide what your business cards should look like in the end, you can also browse through the numerous business card templates from OvernightPrints. Here, too, there is the option of providing them with a high-gloss coating.

      Create individual business cards: Even if you want to order cheap business cards, you don't have to save on quality. At OvernightPrints you can create your own business cards and order them online at low prices, even in small numbers.

      Printing business cards cheaply: why are business cards important?

      In the digital age, one or the other may ask whether it is worthwhile to have business cards printed online. Haven't the classic business cards printed on cardboard paper long since become obsolete? Definitely not, because a business card ensures that a short encounter can become a long-term business contact.

      It starts with the type of exchange. You hand over a business card personally and look the other person in the face. This means that you encounter each other on a completely different level than when you exchange your addresses via email or smartphone.

      In addition, business cards also offer a haptic experience for the recipient. He can touch the card and feel that it was made from high-quality cardboard. This leaves a positive impression and since several senses have been addressed at the same time (sense of touch, optics, etc.) you will be remembered longer by the other person. Therefore, if you want to have business cards printed, it is important to order them in the best print and paper quality.

      Is there a standardized business card format?

      In fact, there are no standard sizes for business cards. Basically everyone can choose the format they think is appropriate and print their business cards online. However, the so-called "credit card format" has prevailed in most cases. This corresponds to about 85 x 55 mm or according to ISO 7810 also 85.6 x 54 mm. This means that the business card fits into most wallets and pockets. That is why most online print shops, including OvernightPrints, offer business cards with a size of 85 x 54 mm or 85 x 55 mm to be printed.

      In addition, you often see the so-called folding business cards in Germany, which offer twice as much space for information. In addition to folding business cards, Overnightprints also offers business cards with a special color core. So-called multiloft business cards have a second layer, which can be bound in color between the front and back. Visually an absolute highlight. Which business card printing you choose ultimately also depends on the industry and your own needs. Which business card printing you choose ultimately also depends on the industry and your own needs.

      Printing business cards online: what belongs on a business card?

      There is no general answer to what should be printed on business cards, since everyone is free to choose how they want to design them. The purpose of a business card is so that the recipient can contact you based on the data.

      To do this, he certainly needs:

      • First and last name
      • Company name
      • Company address
      • e-mail address
      • Telephone number / company extension
      • if necessary Cell phone number

      Optionally, when printing business cards, you can also provide information on your website (homepage, social media, online shop) or, if there is enough space, you can also list your services.

      What font size should I use on a business card?

      Legibility has top priority on the business card, but you should not use a 12 point font. This makes the business card look too clumsy. An 8 or 9 point font, on the other hand, is a good starting point for making your business cards legible and graceful. Depending on the font, you can also reduce it to 7 or even 6 points if you have space problems, but you should always check whether the information is still easy to read before you can print the business cards online.

      The right paper for business card printing

      Business cards are not only used to pass on contact information, but also to some extent represent the company and its quality. If the business card printing is badly done and applied on thin paper, the recipients can get a negative impression of the company. For this reason, business cards should only be printed on paper with a thickness of more than 300 g / m². For comparison: A commercially available flyer is usually printed on 150 g / m² thin paper, standard paper for faxes and printers usually has a grammage of 80 g / m². Print business cards cheaply and still get the best quality - that's what OvernightPrints stands for.

      When are business cards handed over?

      When to hand over your business card is almost a science in itself. Because if you distribute them too early, you quickly appear intrusive. However, if you wait too long, you may miss an opportunity. In general, there is no general answer to when the perfect time is, as it always depends on the specific situation. You should therefore try to develop a feeling for it.

      With these etiquette tips, however, you can avoid some faux pas. If you are visiting a company for the first time and are not yet known there, you should ideally hand in your business card at reception or at least have it ready. If you are introduced to those present at an event or meeting, you should rather wait until the end of the event to pull out your card. It is enough if you only hand over the business card to those with whom a long conversation has arisen.

      But no matter what the situation looks like in the end, it is always worth having business cards printed, because there will be many opportunities to present them to potential customers or business partners.

      Transport the corporate design with elegant business card printing

      As an extremely important part of corporate identity, corporate design is becoming more and more indispensable for every company. The uniform design of the representative company products directly contributes to recognition and confidence building, which is why business card printing should not be left to chance. A professionally designed figurehead from the business card printing shop is the flagship product of every employee in the company. The logo and the representative colors correctly staged, leave a professional and lasting impression on every customer. Have cheap business cards printed now at OvernightPrints!

      Cheap business card printing company - order quality online

      With the classic online designer, each individual business card can be designed ready for printing. If you add the desired text, logo or image, the data is transmitted to OvernightPrints and the result is delivered in first-class quality and without long waiting.

      For the right appearance and the perfect first impression, inexpensive business cards are an effective and tried-and-tested means. The business card as an advertising medium is also an indispensable part of self-marketing for freelancers. Because business cards are cheap and can be easily printed even in small numbers.

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