Which websites offer free live streaming services?

Livestream provider: Meerkat, Periscope & Co.

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Ustream is a commercial streaming provider that claims to offer two million streams per month. The service from San Francisco has existed since 2007. UStream also works with the PlayStation 4's gaming stream and divides videos into categories reminiscent of classic news sites: entertainment, sports, animals, technology, education. The basic service is financed with advertising and is therefore free of charge. The paid offers start at $ 99 and are aimed more at professional users.

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Twitch is only for avid gamers. Here you can see "World of Warcraft" players, "Counter Strike" gamers or "Minecraft" fans playing live. Anyone who plays at home on the PlayStation, Xbox or PC can broadcast in real time via Twitch. To stream yourself, however, you need additional software. The service has existed since 2011 and was independent for three years. In May 2014, Amazon bought the streaming platform for $ 970 million.

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With Meerkat you can send your stream to all of your Twitter friends. The service is still quite new, so far the app is only available for Apple devices. Two weeks before the US festival South by Southwest in March 2015, founder Ben Rubin launched the "Meerkat" app. Every Twitter user can share the stream, so you can reach many people quickly. Of course, there is no undo button here either: what you stream is live. End the stream, but it is no longer accessible.

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The streaming app Periscope is Twitter's answer to Meerkat. So far, Persicope is only available for iPhone and iPad owners. The app shows comments directly in the video window. If you do not want your live broadcasts to disappear directly from the network, you can make the videos available for 24 hours - after that, however, the video disappears. The app caused an uproar when users filmed their TV sets at the start of the fifth season of “Game of Thrones” and broadcast the series live on the network, to the suffering of the broadcaster HBO.

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YouNow made its big breakthrough in Germany in November 2014. Users start new streams more than 150,000 times a day. YouNow has come under fire mainly because of its very young target group. Many young people between the ages of 13 and 18 stream their everyday lives on the platform. Watching and direct interaction with the streamer is possible anonymously.

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YouTube Live

Of course, one thing shouldn't be missing: YouTube. Google's video service also offers a live service. With YouTube Live you stream with the help of your Google+ account. YouTube wants to offer high-quality streams that keep up with the platform's videos in terms of quality. “Test, test, test (and even more test)” is what the service recommends to its users so that everything works smoothly during the live event.


Livestream.com mainly offers English-language videos. Today the service, founded in 2007, has 40,000,000 viewers per month, writes the provider on its website. The service, on which tech magazines such as The Verge or CNet also broadcast live programs, offers free and paid subscriptions.


Bambuser is headquartered in Stockholm. Free streaming is also possible here for all private users. The premium service starts at 35 euros per month. Bambuser organizes videos, for example from DJs, but also political content, by country or by tag. The Occupy movement, for example, has a day, as does the TTIP free trade agreement. Bambuser streams are possible with Android and Apple devices, but also via the browser on a PC.

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Make.tv is a professional streaming provider from Cologne. The German provider is also no longer very young. In 2008 Georg Lenzen founded the platform on which users produce interactive web content. The service can not only stream live, you can also use it to pre-produce programs. Test accounts are free, the cheapest paid subscription starts at 39 euros.

Google Hangouts On Air

Google's Hangout On Air video chat also offers fast live broadcasts. You can start live streams with your friends using the browser via the Google+ account. In hangout conversations, it is possible that several participants are connected via video. Google automatically loads the videos into your YouTube account. You can also embed streams on your own website in order to reach the viewers of the private blog.