What was God's first message to you

Prophets are people who report about an encounter with God and proclaim his messages. They exist in all religions with only one god. The first prophet was Abraham, the forefather of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Baha'i.

Many people believe that God chose prophets to tell people important things in his place. This includes, for example, the teaching and the rules of life of a religion. When a prophet introduces a new religion with a new doctrine, he is also called a religious founder.

One of the founders of a religion, for example, was the prophet Mohammed. He brought the Koran to the people and with this message from God Islam.
Long before Mohammed had the prophet Cunt tells people about God. He brought Judaism and with it many things that also apply to Muslims, Christians, Alevis and Baha'i.
Jesus also spoke a lot about God. Christianity arose from his reports. For Christians, however, Jesus is more than a prophet, namely God's Son and thus God himself. In Islam, however, Jesus is considered a prophet. Muslims call him Isa.
Alevis also revere Abraham, Moses, Isa and Mohammed as prophets.
This also applies to Baha'i. Only for them does the youngest of all prophets play a leading role, Baha'ullah. He did not live until the 19th century and brought the Baha'i religion almost 160 years ago.

But there are also many other prophets. They admonished people, for example, if they did not keep God's commandments, if they worshiped not one but many idols, or if they did nothing to counter injustice in society. Conversely, prophets also assured people that they can rely on God's forgiveness, love and mercy if they repent of mistakes and listen to God.

The word "prophet" means "announcer" or "foretaker". That is why we sometimes use it in everyday life. For example, we call a weather professional a weather prophet when predicting a storm or a great summer. Strictly speaking, the word is out of place here.

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